Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Carving Board

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The Carving Board has taken the western part of our island by storm with its affordable and delectable selection. I popped by on Sunday night at 8pm and was the tenth person in the queue and little did I know that I would queue for 50 minutes just to place my order. Even though my food took about 20 minutes to arrive(which is short compared to the time I spent queuing), I was really unhappy about it. I mean, would you rather queue for 20 minutes and be able to sit down for 50 with your pals or would you rather stand and queue for 50 minutes and sit for 20? Well, I would rather the former.

That aside, I must say that the food was pretty good.

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Somersby - $7

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Air Flown Australian Ribeye (250gm) - $20
They were out of Sirloin so I took the Ribeye. One peeve I had was that the chef used his bare hands to do everything. From holding a dirty cloth, to holding the pans to arranging the side of greens on the plates, everything was done using his bare hands. Honestly, not a very pleasant sight. My medium-rare ribeye was nicely cooked, and I enjoyed it very much with the mushroom sauce. They ran out of sauteed lyonnaise potatoes so we opted for mashed potato instead and even though it was tasty, it also was very salty. But $20 for such a big slab of delicious steak is really a steal

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Carbonara - $8
I loved that the spaghetti was perfectly al dente, and that the cream sauce wasn't overwhelming. I'm not a fan of cream based pasta dishes and I almost always am not able to finish a carbonara because I get sick of the cream about halfway through. The sauce in this carbonara wasn't creamy nor heavy. It was more on the watery side, but yummy nonetheless. Very generous portion of bacon too.

As much as the food is very reasonably priced and its really near my place, I really don't know if I'll come back here if they don't do something about the speed of taking orders. If the queue is really crazy long, I understand. But it wasn't that long and it was moving so slowly because every order took at least 5 minutes to be taken. Not only so, after I finally finally placed my orders. My drink (a bottle of somersby) took another ten minutes to come. I wouldn't mind waiting 50 minutes for my food because orders can get insane but waiting 50 minutes to place my orders when there are only 9 people in front of me? No.

252 Jurong East Street 24
Singapore 600252
Tuesday - Sunday : 5pm - 1030pm


Love, K

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