Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy Mookata @ Sunset Lane

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Happy Mookata has opened its second outlet at the now rebranded Sunset Lane. It has a pretty large alfresco dining area and there are also seats indoors (airconditioned). At $25.90 nett, this eat-all-you-can mookata buffet is seriously a steal!

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This is actually only the second time that I'm eating mookata. I didn't enjoy my first experience. The food wasn't fresh and the waiting time for the ingredients to come was painfully long. However, Happy Mookata has changed how I look at mookata. Value-for-money and wallet-friendly buffets can dish out really fresh and good food too!

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On top of marinated meats such as garlic chicken and black pepper beef and fresh seafood like prawns and squid, there is a finger food selection that comprises of popcorn chicken, Thai fishcake, tomyum prawns etc. I ate so much meat and popcorn chicken and mushrooms and squid! I honestly think that $25.90 is super worth it!

Service wise, we had a server who was all smiles and super attentive, helpful and efficient and another who probably had the grumpiest face I've ever seen, complete with a poor attitude. Well, I guess if you don't really mind some hiccups in the service part, you should definitely give this place a shot. There's icecream for dessert and Thai iced tea ($2.30) is available too.

Blk 106 Clementi Street 12 
Singapore 120106
Daily : 2pm - 10pm


Love, K

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