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Pockets of Love @ Royal Pavilion

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Mother's Day is just a week away! Have you already booked a table somewhere to celebrate this occasion with your family? Well, if you haven't, what better way to thank the heroines in your life, if not a dimsum feast at the elegantly dressed Royal Pavilion at Park Regis Hotel?

New dimsum chef, Chen Man Wing and executive chef, Kee Siau Chuang have come up with seven new dimsums and three traditional Cantonese menus respectively, for Mother's Day. These dishes are only available till 10th May!

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Baked Chicken Pies in Black Truffle Oil 
The chicken pies were one of my favourite items of the lot! That fragrant truffle aroma coupled with warm and tender chicken bits in a lightly crisp pie crust was addictive. But well, I couldn't have stolen more than my fair share or I would have totally snapped up two more easily!

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Baked Swiss BBQ Snow Buns

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Reminiscent of the famed buns at THW, these snow buns were softer, and flatter. Encased in a crisp crust is a generous filling of sweet and savoury barbecued pork. Needless to say, this was a crowd pleaser!

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Steamed Dumplings - $4.80 - $5.80
1) Spicy Dried Shrimps, Minced Pork and Eggplant
2) Fresh Scallops, Asparagus and Egg White
3) Fresh Crab Meat And Minced Shrimp
4) Mixed Vegetables

I've always preferred baked and fried dimsum dishes to steamed ones so these unique steamed creations didn't quite leave that huge an impression on me but I did like the crab meat one!

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Steamed Foie Gras and Meat Xiao Long Bao
I might be the weirdest person you know because I hate Xiao Long Baos. I don't even remember whens the last time I ate one. But I gave this a shot anyway and I'm surprised by how yummy it was! The meat was done well so it didn't have this strange taste that is evident in some of the more commercialised xiao long baos out there. The skin was light and thin and envelops a good portion of broth and meat. So this was pretty much the best xiao long bao that I've had, not that I've had that many but yeah you get the drift. One thing though, is that the taste of foie gras was largely absent and as much as I tried to focus on tasting it, I couldn't make out its presence. More foie gras please!

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Stir-Fried Coral Clam with Asparagus in Lao Gan Tie Sauce - $38
This plate is an individually-portioned one that features slightly chewy and tender clams in a savory fried chili sauce. An appetite-whetter that you should kickstart your meal with!

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Royal Smoked Duck - $68
Once again, the Smoked Duck stole the limelight and it was the dish that everyone was eagerly anticipating the entire night. The Royal Smoked Duck that was voted as one of the Top Ten Dishes to try by a local newspaper dazzled and impressed, yet again, and despite being awfully stuffed by now, I kept going. This duck just has that compelling effect on me. Everyone was really full by now and you can see that there were still other dishes left on the table but the duck was, completely cleaned out. Yes, that good. And a must-try if you're heading to Royal Pavilion!

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Classic Cantonese Claypot Rice with Waxed Meat & Chinese Sausages - $38
Have never liked claypot rice because I don't adore those hard crispy clumps of rice and in general, I don't like rice doused in gravy. So I filled half my bowl with the claypot rice, thinking that I just wanted a taste of it. But little did I know that I would be going for seconds. The rice had this very subtle fragrance to it and the dish wasn't drenched in gravy. It gave every ingredient an opportunity to shine and they all melded really well. I like that it was light and easy on the palate. Oh and yes, this pot was huge. I think it can feed 12 to 15 comfortably!

 photo P4234246.jpgFish-shaped Panna Cotta in Mango Sago 
A clever interpretation of the classic Italian dish, here's a lovely fish swimming in a luxurious pool of mango sago, complete with fresh fruits, no less. A sturdier contender to the panna cotta that we're used to, and a creative one at that. And guess who finished it?

Give Royal Pavilion a ring at 6818 8851 for reservations!

Level 1, Park Regis
23 Merchant Road
Singapore 058268


Love, K

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