Saturday, September 26, 2015

Melissa Koh Photography for #omgkimis25

 photo DSC_5499.jpg
The photos taken at my party were more than gorgeous and I only have Melissa Koh Photography to thank!

 photo DSC_5527.jpg

 photo DSC_5554.jpg

 photo DSC_5533.jpg

 photo DSC_5574.jpg

 photo DSC_5605.jpg

 photo DSC_5616.jpg

 photo DSC_5633.jpg

 photo DSC_5607.jpg

 photo DSC_5635.jpg

 photo DSC_5637.jpg

 photo DSC_5654.jpg

 photo DSC_5641.jpg

 photo DSC_5671.jpg

 photo DSC_5675.jpg

 photo DSC_5686.jpg

 photo DSC_5703.jpg

 photo DSC_5719.jpg

 photo DSC_5737.jpg

 photo DSC_5734.jpg

 photo DSC_5739.jpg

 photo DSC_5749.jpg

 photo DSC_5750.jpg

 photo DSC_5753.jpg

 photo DSC_5776.jpg

 photo DSC_5755.jpg

Photos by Melissa Koh
Instagram @melissa.koh
Email :
Website :

Thank you Melissa for the beautiful pictures!!! (:


Love, K

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