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Gin Khao @ East Coast Parkway

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Having only been around for about three months, this little gem that sits in the not-so-accessible East Coast Parkway has captured the attention of a great many Singaporeans with their unique range of desserts. And as much as it was really far for me, I'm glad that I made a trip down !

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Gin Khao means "eat rice" in Thai

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Thai Ice Rose Milk Tea - $4.80
I'm a little surprised to see that they don't have just an original Thai Ice Milk Tea on the menu. This version with rose is a refreshing and delightful one which, surprisingly, wasn't too sweet. I like the lingering subtle hints of rose very much

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Prawn and Green Mango Relish (with Thai rice crackers) - $7.80
A hot favourite at Gin Khao is this appetite-whetting side that comprises of a sour and spicy relish. A tad too spicy for me and while the relish was tasty, I didn't like the rice crackers

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Stir-fried Squid with Runny Salted Egg - $14.80
If I could only choose one thing to recommend at Gin Khao, it is a hundred percent this dish. I loved the intense salted egg cream which was of perfect texture and consistency. The squid was also cooked flawlessly and this is quite frankly, a heavenly combination. A definite must-order! Trust me, you're gonna want to lick the entire plate clean

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Moo Yang - $12.80
Another popular item on the menu is the grilled pork belly that failed to impress as it was a tad tough and dry

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Tom Yum Talay - $12.80
The spiciness of the dishes here can be adjusted to your preference. I asked for the tom yum soup to be less spicy but it was still too much for me hahaha but I really loved that sour and spicy kick! Even though I was like dying half the time, I still downed a good portion of the soup!

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Khao Phat Supparod Talay- $10.80
This was supposed to be watermelon fried rice but because I don't take red fruits, they changed it to pineapple fried rice hahaha. I think its hard for a very common dish to wow you but this was decent. The rice was nicely done, the flavour was good and there's quite an abundance of accompaniments.

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Kang Ob Woon Sen - $16.80
Not the best looking dish but possibly one of the best dishes here. That thai garlic and pepper sauce was seriously tasty and we have here a great portion of glass noodles slow-cooked in it. So amazingly flavourful, and deeply memorable. The crayfish, while juicy, was more towards the tasteless side so I was a little surprised when they said that the crayfish was simmered in the sauce. It tasted more like it was added on at the end. Nonetheless, this was one of my favourite dishes of the night and it is well-worth every cent of its pocket-friendly price tag

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Sticky Rice Gelato - $3
Gin Khao has really unique gelato flavours such as Tom Yum and Green Curry. The Sticky Rice Gelato was interesting but the rice grains were too hard. Also, the texture feels more like icecream than gelato to me, not that its an issue but yeah

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Mango with Black Sticky Rice - $6.80
A very unique rendition of the classic Thai street food that definitely warrants at least a try. The black rice might look a little daunting but I enjoyed its softness! It tasted like pulut hitam to me actually. I could use more coconut milk and a side of sweeter mango for sure though

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Thai Tea Molten Lava Cake - $8.80
I was so excited to try this but was a tad disappointed with the very mild tea flavour and overly sweet condensed milk molten core. However, I know how difficult it is to retain tea flavour in baked goods so I still gotta applaud their effort. The lava cake comes with a scoop of your choice of gelato and I picked coconut which was pleasantly flavoured.

Being awfully new, there are obviously some areas that could be worked on but Gin Khao is pretty awesome for such a new establishment. Bringing authentic Thai cuisine with a contemporary touch at very affordable prices to the local scene, its not wonder Gin Khao is already always fully booked on weekends. Do look out for the cake of the month and new items coming your way!

Do note that you can't get there by train or bus on weekdays, so you've to drive or to take a cab down. For weekends, there's a public bus available so make sure you map out your route before heading there!

1020 East Coast Parkway
Singapore 449878
Monday - Thursday: 1130am - 3pm, 530pm - 10pm
Friday - Sunday: 1130am to 1030pm


Love, K

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