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Humpback @ Bukit Pasoh Road

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Carrying a fun and cheery vibe, Humpback sits pretty next to The Flagship and is one of the latest projects by the awesome folks behind Jigger and Pony. With five establishments under their belt, the wonderful team still makes sure that only the very best is served at every one of their babies. Humpback impressed me a great deal with its cleverly crafted dishes and awfully friendly and warm service. I have to say that its been awhile since I've been impressed at a place that focuses on small plates.

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Apple Boulevadier - $22
A concoction of Laird’s applejack, Bitter rouge, Riserva Carlo Alberto Rose Vermut that not everyone will take to. It tasted like really strong cough syrup to me so I didn't drink it after a sip. I asked a server about it and he said that 60% of the people who have tried it like it and the rest don't.

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Jasmine and Pear Gin Tonic - $22
Not a tea person, much less green tea but I took a sip of Derrick's gin tonic and decided that that light floral flavour with a decent amount of gin was too pleasant to be missed

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It's a crime to skip the oysters. If you're here, you HAVE to get the oysters. The selection of oysters changes daily and you can be a hundred percent assured of their freshness. We started with the Kumamoto, from Peale, Washington USA (Usual price : $6 / Happy Hour : $3) which were the smallest, despite taking an average of three years to grow. And boy was I nothing but pleasantly surprised. The oyster was not only fresh, but it was absolutely fantastic. It possesses a strong taste characteristic of oysters, void of that metallic aftertaste and what was most amazing was that it left a lingering velvet finish on your tongue. So incredibly good!

The second one was the Shigoku Fat Bastard from Samish Bay, Washington (Usual price : $6 / Happy Hour : $2) which were, yupp, fat but it pales in comparison to its tinier cousin.

The final one was the Rocky Bar, from South Puget Sound, Washington USA (Usual price : $6 / Happy Hour : $2) which is grown on the beach. I took a real hard look at it because the oyster was huge and so plump that I found it difficult to believe that I could actually get oysters this size at this price in Singapore. That juiciness that erupts when my teeth sunk right into the middle was an experience like never before

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Clam Dip - $10
If I wasn't told what goes into the making of this, I would most definitely suggest that a form of illegal drugs was employed in its creation. I was hooked on my first bite. A creamy and rich dip with an abundance of clams that tasted divine on its own, and even better when paired with the side of buttery biscuits. How is this dish even possible? Needless to say, I ate most of it, and I finished it all. I'm always sharing my food with others but this is one dish that I would not share. Like excuse me, get your own please. Thank goodness I was dining with friends or I would have been severely judged hahaha

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Cabbage - $10
We had a couple of vegetable dishes that I did not try but due to popular demand, I was coerced into trying a tiny piece of the cabbage and I have to admit (even though its against my life-long motto of "no vegetables") that this was awesome. Everyone was blown away by how the chefs have spruced up a regular cabbage. I was too. This cabbage is legit. That crispy quinoa and chilli oil were wonderful touches

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Rainbow Trout - $16
I adored the presentation of this and the pairing of almond milk with the trout but for $16, I would much rather grab something else. However, if you love fish, you should most definitely give this a shot!

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Calamari - $14
This did not bode well for my waistline, as I ate way too much of it. Well, its two of my favourite things in one dish! Completely enjoyed that crispy calamari with that generous side of mash. Together with the slightly tangy sauce, this was very much a dish that I could eat all day everyday!

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Hamachi Ceviche - $22
Oh hello dear ceviche, are you the key to my heart? Pairing yuzu with fresh raw fish must be one of the most brilliant things that human beings have accomplished. Those citrusy notes contrasted with an earthy taste of almonds complemented the sweet burst of hamachi and the addition of avocado balanced the flavours out and this was easily one of my favourite dishes of the night

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Cod - $20
If you know me well enough, you'd know that I'm not generally a fish person. If there were a couple of main courses for me to choose from, it would always be beef or pork for me. This is one exception that I would make though. I was fascinated by how delicious Humpback has made the cod that I made a mental note to myself to order this when I come by again!

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Beef Short Rib (grain-fed for 120 days) - $23
I've always preferred grain-fed beef for its less gamey flavour and Humpback has done the beef justice. Perfectly executed short rib that is meaty, rich, tender and juicy on a bed of carrot puree accompanied with brocollini and garlic chips. What's not to love? And $23 for this is quite a steal!

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Apple Cider - $20
I'm always grabbing ciders when I'm out at bars and why have I never come across this before? That oaky flavour is so addictive that I was chugging this down. A little pricey but worth every penny

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Pork Collar - $16
One thing that I noticed about Humpback is that pear is used in alot of their dishes. It's quite novel for me but pear is actually one of the few fruits that I like so it makes me like Humpback even more. The pork collar was coated with an orange glaze that didn't sit too well with me because it had a bitter finish. The bitterness was quite pronounced and it was deep-seated within the pork collar as well and it actually made me think that the pork collar was gamey. Would be better if the strength of the orange glaze is scaled back I think! But the texture of the pork collar was on point

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Fernet Panna Cotta - $8
Fernet is an Italian type of amaro that is usually served as a digestif. It's very interesting to see that the chef has lined it up against a creamy panna cotta. Surprisingly, that bittersweet cocoa brightened up the bitter fernet and together with the sweet firm panna cotta, was a major hit. I found myself digging at it endlessly. Also, doesn't this look like an iphone?

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Valrhona Chocolate Mousse - $8
This was some sort of legendary. The chocolate mousse was so unassuming but it was heavenly. It was rich but not overwhelming, sweet but not cloying and having it melt in your mouth is seriously an experience worth way more than its price tag. We all started fighting for it after the first bite and we had to get extra portions. This was really, really good. If my description doesn't cut it, I'll like to tell you what my dining companion said. Basically, she was shooting this out (in exact words), "oh my God I cannot take it, don't talk to me, I'm gonna cry" as she savoured the chocolate mousse. This might look simple, but it is definitely one of the best desserts that I've had this year. Sometimes, simple still works best

I had such a good meal at Humpback and I was a whole lot more impressed than I thought I would be. Also, the prices are really quite reasonable and have you seen that happy hour promotion for their oysters? From 5pm - 7pm EVERYDAY(except Sundays as they're closed), delight in delicious oysters at half of their usual prices! It's insane! Certain cocktails go for $19 during this two hour madness too! This is one place that I've been recommending to alot of people and you should definitely make a trip there too! Promise you won't be disappointed!

* This was a media tasting

20 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089834
Monday - Saturday : 5pm - 12am


Love, K

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