Tuesday, September 22, 2015

MAD Bistro & Whisky Lounge

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Sitting opposite St Regis Hotel is a 19,000square feet space that features art work for sale, periodical art exhibitions, a bistro and an exclusive whisky lounge. I've gone past this place hundreds of times but I've never thought to check it out. Collectors of art pieces would most probably already know of MAD before they shifted from Mandarin Gallery to their current location. There isn't an entry fee to enter MAD so anyone can go in and view the art pieces on display. The bistro and whisky lounge are located on level one and the bright and spacious place is quite a decent choice for gatherings and a relaxing sunday brunch

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I walked around the gallery for a bit before lunch commenced

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Omg dream carrr

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I'll love to have one of this !

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Creamy Three Mushroom Soup - $14
Mushroom soup has always been one of my favourite items to kickstart a meal with and the mushroom soup at MAD wasn't too shabby. The taste of mushroom was sufficient but I'd have liked for the texture to be a tad more viscous

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Buffalo Wings - $16
Too spicy for me but okay for everyone else on the table, I found nothing special about the buffalo wings with a blue cheese dip.

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Foie Gras Tapas - $16
When I saw foie gras, my eyes lit up. These little round tortilla has a layer of baked foie gras terrine, and sprinkles of truffle and cheese on top. While its an interesting combination, these little treats didn't leave much of an impression

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Gyoza - $12
These homemade pan-fried dumplings had a crisp exterior and a generous filling. That side of spicy yuzu sauce went really well with the delightful dumplings!

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Wagyu Beef Burger - $25
At $25, this is a steal for a Wagyu Beef Burger. The portion is also pretty huge, with a side of salad and fries.

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Crabmeat Fettuccine - $20
The sauce is too watery and a little diluted and the pasta was also a tad overcooked. While it's still passable, this isn't something that I'll return for

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Piggy Back - $26
These oven-baked ribs are coated in New York Style barbecue sauce. While tasty, they were a little dry and tough. But for its price tag, its really not bad

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Cha Soba - $14
I was shocked when this came because that's an incredibly huge bowl! The bowl was mostly filled with ice cubes though haha. I've never eaten cha soba before so I'm not a good judge of this but the dish was cleared out so I'm guessing its pretty yummy?

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Cubed Ribeye - $30
This was easily my favourite dish of the afternoon. Those tender ribeye cubes were juicy and had a great bite. They were mildly flavoured with garlic and oil but I wished there was an accompanying side of sauce.

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Banana Walnut Cake
Not the fanciest dessert but still a good old banana cake 

The food at MAD Bistro is pretty average but the pricing is very affordable, service is great and the place has a really chill and nice vibe. It's just a ten minutes stroll away from the crazy packed heart of Orchard but a wonderful spot for those who want to catch up with their pals and not feel pressured to vacate their seats every now and then. Also, they open till late everyday!

* This was a media invite

10 Tanglin Road #01-01
Singapore 247908
Daily : 12pm - 1am


Love, K

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