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Joo Bar @ Tan Quee Lan Street

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Established in late 2014, Joo Bar sits pretty on the quieter end of Bugis but it has rocked the local bar scene with its Korean dishes and home-brewed Makgeolli. I popped by once on a Saturday night and the place was completely packed so I sat at the bar and fell in love with their passionfruit makgeolli at first taste. Their hand-cut chips were immensely delightful too and I was stoked to be back here for their dinner menu!
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First level

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Second level

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Third level
The place is pretty huge and they also have private rooms to accommodate to parties and events. Do ring them up for more information!

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Makgeolli Sampler - $35
We kickstarted the night with some awesome hand-cut chips, appetizers and the Makgeolli Sampler which is perfect for those who can't decide what to have. So you start with the original flavoured one, and move on to yuzu, passionfruit, strawberry and finally lychee. Passionfruit still stands at first place in my heart but the yuzu and lychee ones were really yummy too! This is great for sharing, so everyone can try all the different flavours available!

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Grape Soju Mojito - $14
At $14, I thought this was quite a steal. I mean, your regular cocktails probably already cost more than this but the difference is, this was really good! And it comes with tons of green grapes too! Ladies will definitely love this and if you love sweet cocktails or grape-flavoured stuff, this is one gem you cannot miss!

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Lime Soju Mojito - $14
This tasted highly similar to the classic mojito so if you're a creature of old habits and will like a good old mojito, this might be the drink for you. Otherwise, I'll say go for the grape one!

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Baby Eel Paper - $14
Here we have deep-fried baby eel with a sprinkling of chilli salt, made tastier with a squeeze of lime. I like that it's thin, crispy and slightly chewy. Great with beer !

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Grilled Squid - $20
Nicely grilled, a little chewy but not tough.

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Tofu Chips with Guacamole and Kimchi Salsa - $14
Couldn't tell that its tofu but these chips were seriously, seriously, addictive. I was chomping away happily especially with the two dips which were both equally good so I took turns dipping my chips into each one of them. Can't be biased you know? Haha. I love the guacamole as it was more tangy than the ones I usually get and the kimchi salsa was not too spicy for me and that sour thing going on worked really well with the crunchy chips! It seems very simple but this is perfect bar food to me!

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Warm Kimchi with Tofu & Spam - $16
According to my Korean friend, this is a dish that is commonly savoured in Korea, save for the spam. A mixture of kimchi, onion, scallion and mangalitsa pork that failed to hit the spot for me. For me, the combination of spam and tofu with the warm kimchi wasn't exactly outstanding and was a little on the odd side. Not something that I'll order again

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Hand Chopped Korean Minced Steak - $20
Succulent, soft and quite pleasing to the palate but I wasn't really used to it. I still prefer my regular steak but my dining companions really enjoyed it!

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Slow Roasted Mangalitsa Pork Belly - $32
Melt-in-your mouth goodness that will get you hooked in no time. Extremely tender, juicy, and those fatty layers are just impossible to resist. The contents of this dish disappeared exceptionally fast so you better be quick if you're sharing this haha fastest fingers first!

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Sojurita - $28
Desserts are usually what I end every meal with and ending a meal with a huge glorious glass of frozen yucha, soju and a bottle of Hite beer is a first. I love how everything came together so faultlessly and I love the citrus flavour and slight fizz. Can totally see why this is one of the most popular items here!

The prices at Joo Bar are a little pricey but I think if you don't mind spending, you'll find that you're paying for yummy food, awesome ambience and excellent service. Moreover, the dishes are meant for sharing so the bill isn't gonna break the bank. Will definitely, definitely be back!

* This was a media invite 

5 Tan Quee Lan Street
Daily : 530pm - 12am


Love, K 

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