Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas 2015 @ InterContinental Singapore

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Nobody does a party better than InterContinental Singapore. I was dazzled by the huge ballroom cast in purple glow and dressed up like a winter wonderland. Stepping into the ballroom felt like I was stepping into some sort of fairytale.

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Four counters set up around the ballroom boasted Christmas offerings from the various IHG properties

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I enjoyed myself thoroughly at the Christmas party! It was nice catching up with media friends, taking part in the games held and feasting to my heart's content. Those scallops were so yummy! Also, we were each given a white bird cage filled with goodies from the various IHG properties! How thoughtful and sweet of the folks at IHG! Thank you guys for such a beautiful and wonderful evening!

If you haven't made any reservations for Christmas lunches or dinners, do check out the dining establishments at the different hotels under IHG!


Love, K

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