Tuesday, December 15, 2015

OverEasy @ Liat Towers

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Liat Towers extended a warm welcome to OverEasy, the ultimate all-American diner and bar. The first outlet's resounding success has given the Lo & Behold group more than sufficient confidence to bring OverEasy to a more central location where the cheery vibes, bubblegum colour scheme and old school Americana charm prove to be exceedingly charming.

Did you know that OverEasy at Liat Towers is located at the exact spot where the first McDonald's in Singapore occupied? The first ever Macs in Singapore holds the Guinness World Record to have sold the most number of burgers on their opening day. The Lo & Behold group adores the idea of paying homage to American diner culture at this very spot.

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Smokey the Bear - $9
If you've been to the outlet at Fullerton, you'll know that OverEasy does really mean milkshakes. I remember having the m&m milkshake which was firstly, really huge, that it could be shared by two or three and secondly, it really left an impression because I'm always like "how good can milkshakes get?" So you certainly got to give the milkshakes a go here too! Smokey the Bear had everything that I like. Bananas and house-smoked maple syrup and a very delicious piece of candied bacon!

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One Pound of Spicy Buffalo Wings - $16
The buffalo wings here are tailored to cater to different taste buds. Choose from four levels of spiciness. Level one (wimp) was already too spicy for me but level three (hot stuff) seems to suit everyone else just fine! Dip the wings into the blue cheese dip to douse the fire in your mouth!

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Popcorn Chicken with Salted Caramel Popcorn - $16
The chicken pieces are coated with cornflake batter before they are fried to a flawless golden brown. These are super addictive, so easy to pop into your mouths and definitely a fantastic starter. The light and sweet popcorn had a mild crunch and paired up brilliantly with the savoury chicken bites.

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Mac & Cheeks - $22
Baked to perfection, this cheesy indulgence packed with bechamel, gruyere cheese and braised Australian beef cheeks cured for five hours in thyme, rosemary and veal jus will have you hooked. I'm not usually a fan of mac and cheese but this was really yummy! I like that it was rich but not overwhelming. Don't fight the addiction, it's a futile struggle.

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Truffle Burger - $28
Sandwiched between sturdy burger buns are sauteed onions, mushrooms, swiss cheese, house-made truffle mayonnaise and a patty made from 160g Wagyu beef mince. The burger was decent but nothing to shout about. The fries, on the other hand, caught more of my attention.

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Beer Can Chicken
Off the menu right now but ask, and you just might be given. Studded with hints of beer, the juicy and succulent chicken is a must-order. It is so wonderfully tender that I was seriously amazed. Whole chickens aren't usually executed this faultlessly. Perfect for sharing and a photogenic palate-pleaser, there's no reason for you to miss this unless you're dining alone. Well, even then, it is worth ordering.

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Bourbon Donut Holes with Homemade Fudge - $12
This tasted a little like churros because of the cinnamon and brown sugar that the donut holes were rolled in. Its soft and fluffy though, unlike churros. Quite a filling dessert that might not satisfy that sweet craving but I enjoyed it!

If your name is Reuben, you're in for a major treat. Come by OverEasy and flash an identification card of some sort and you'll get a Reuben Pastrami Sandwich on the house! For the first time in my life, I wish my name was Reuben. I heard that the cocktails here are really good too and you should really check out the happy hour promotion that runs from 5pm-8pm on weekdays.

Everytime I'm in town, I've a hard time deciding where to go for dinner. OverEasy has made life choices alot easier.

Liat Towers
541 Orchard Road
Singapore 238881
Monday - Friday : 11am - 12am
Saturday - Sunday : 10am - 12am


Love, K 

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