Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Chop House @ I12 Katong

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With a team of experts wholeheartedly committed to serving the tastiest fare at affordable prices, it's no wonder that The Chop House at VivoCity has achieved such astounding success. They have boldly invaded one of the most popular malls in the east to do what they do best. Are you ready for what they have to offer?

Needless to say, the meats here are outstanding. The USDA Prime Grain Fed Ribeye ($38) had a fantastic char, was beautifully pink in the middle and absolutely delish. Three different sauces and a tasty house-made onion jam accompany the juicy and tender cut of beef. A side of fresh watercress provided a refreshing kick to the dish. It is an unusual pairing but definitely one that works.

Due to the demise of my 6.5 year old macbook, I have lost all my photographs for recent food adventures so please pardon the use of stock photos.

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Mussels Mariniere - $24
The fragrance attacks you before the dish even arrives. It was very aromatic and promising. While the mussels generally received good reviews from around the table, I felt that there were subtle notes of pungency that were present.

Other sides that we tried included Crispy Pork Belly ($18) and Roasted Bone Marrow($18). The crispy pork belly paired with apple jam is one of the hottest items on the menu and we could totally understand why. The buttery bone marrow proves to be a satisfying treat just enough to whet your appetite.

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Aussie Burger - $26
The beef patty was particularly well-endowed at a hefty 220g, and it sits unassumingly in between two fluffy toasted buns. Wasn't expecting the burger to blow me away but it kinda did. The patty was deliciously juicy and tender. With it came tomatoes, lettuce, onion jam, beetroot, bacon and a sunny side up. This is sure to satiate a burger craving or a growling stomach. Diners can also choose a side of regular fries or sweet potato fries. I say, go for the sweet potato fries!

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Pork Knuckle Platter - $85
The arrival of this huge platter received a justified "wow" from me. The dreams of a carnivore all laid out in stunning fashion, looking absolutely drool-worthy. Perfect for sharing, and too reasonably priced, this is a must-order for all meat-lovers. Think 1.2kg grain-fed Australian pork knuckle, smoked bbq baby back ribs, sausages, coleslaw and truffle potato. Firstly, the truffle potatoes were amazing and I ate way too much of them. Secondly, the ribs were quite a fuss-free affair with the meat falling off the bones easily (though I found it a tad dry) and lastly, the pork knuckle was simply a joy to tuck into.

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Garlic Prawns - $25
I'm quite a big fan of saffron rice and The Chop House has whipped up a pretty good rendition served with crunchy and fresh garlic prawns. It's probably not the best dish in the house but it's certainly decent enough to warrant a try.

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Churros ($6), Apple Strudel Tortillas, Hot Chocolate Brownie
One might not expect much from a diner that specialises in meats to be any good at desserts but I assure you that you'll be surprised. I have had my fair share of churros and I have never chanced upon any that is remotely similar to the ones served here. Well, I mean, apart from the fact that dough, cinnamon and sugar are used. I'm talking more specifically about the incredible texture of the churros. They were light, but really crisp. What's most amazing lies encased within those little brown shells. The insides were moist and dense, and nothing like the dry or fluffy versions that line the streets. This is seriously, good stuff. Besides, the chocolate and vanilla sauce that come with the churros are really yummy too. And at just $6? Do yourself and me a favour by ordering one portion just for yourself please. Sharing is not encouraged when it comes to churros this good.

The apple strudel tortillas are really popular here but they don't sit as well with me. It's a creative take on the traditional apple strudel but I guess, all I could think of was another serving of churros.

Complimented by a scoop of premium icecream, the rich and moist brownies are bound to leave an impression. I'm not easily impressed by brownies, but these certainly left a mark in my memory.

A range of draught beers and handcrafted cocktails are available for the discerning tastebuds. There is definitely something for everyone here. A personal favourite, despite not liking beer, would be the Mac's Great White which is light and easy to drink. Curious cocktails include Thoo Japanese Yen ($16), Some Things Are Better Dark($16) and Vanilla Sky ($16).

The Chop House aims to be more than a dining destination. With a wide array of alcoholic beverages, fantastic food, a laidback atmosphere and an eighty-inch tv screen showing live football matches till late, it does not take a genius to figure out that The Chop House is gonna be one of the hottest spots in the east!

I12 Katong
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428802


Love, K

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