Sunday, February 14, 2016

Awesome Sunday Brunch @ Humpback (Bukit Pasoh)

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There are only a handful of restaurants that I've revisited and will revisit, and Humpback is one of the rare few. This is my third trip to Humpback and I am still impressed, and still amazed and still looking forward to dropping by again. This time round, I popped by for their spanking new Sunday brunch and while it was their first brunch shift ever, the charming space left little room for criticism.

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Indulge in one of the 11 specially concocted brunch cocktails or customize your own Bloody Mary with ingredients such as clamato juice, miso powder, pickled brine and more. The Elderflower Spritz ($17) has a sweet floral hint and was really refreshing.

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A dish that you must not miss would be the fresh hamachi($18) which donned a light coat of citrus-based marinade known as Tiger's Milk. The tangy and bright combination, together with sweet potato, was the perfect appetizer to start the meal with. Don't share if possible. Sometimes in life, you gotta be selfish. Every stomach for itself.

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The egg dishes were highly recommended and deservingly so. The creamy scrambled egg ($10/$18) was a joy to tuck into and I love that it was paired with prosciutto. No frills, just pure simple goodness.

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This dainty and gorgeous eggs benedict($12) packs quite a punch. Go for two portions ($20) if you're looking for a heartier option. Not your typical eggs benedict for sure but one that might make you think twice about having regular eggs ben in the future. Think a buttery avocado spread, sliced crabmeat and a faultless poached egg with torched hollandaise. Oh hello beautiful, I've been thinking about you alot.

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I know of many who would die for a molten yolk like this. Trapped in a firm but springy sphere of white with an almost paper thin crispy crust, the fried egg ($14/$24) left quite an impression. While the bed of octopus, orzo and tete de moine received high praise all around, it was too cheesy for me.

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We accidentally ordered two portions of this but we totally wiped them out. The tender buttermilk chicken chunks ($10/$18) wrapped tightly in a crisp jacket were good on their own but even better after a quick dip in the accompanying sriracha.

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Another item that I'll recommend on the newly launched brunch menu would be the soft shell crab ($16) burger. While the buns were nothing phenomenal, the soft shell crab topped with gruyere cheese was an absolute knockout for me. And it comes with pretty good fries too! It was definitely one of the highlights of the day, and I assure you that you'll find it more than delicious. The affordable price tag is just the icing on the cake!

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Lobster rolls may not be as gushed over or raved about as they were once before but that didn't stop Humpback from rolling out a really good lobster roll($39) that would give crazy expensive ones a run for their money. There's nothing exceptionally fancy nor is the roll topped with premium garnish but its a legit, unpretentious and delish roll featuring fresh and plump lobster meat in a warm soft bun. This is something that I really love about Humpback. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of incorporating fancy ingredients into their dishes, Chef Polo focuses on using the best ingredients and doing the simple things well.

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I was glad that Humpback's semifreddo($10) comes with passionfruit, macadamia nuts and crumble for an extra crunch. If you prefer a light dessert that's just enough to fix that sugar craving, this might do the trick.

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Before brunch even started, I was already looking forward to dessert. The valrhona chocolate mousse($10) is as rich and smooth as I remembered. Incredibly satisfying, too. I was in luck because my dining partner doesn't like chocolate (I know right? How can anyone not like chocolate?!) so I cleared the entire plate on my own. By far, still one of my favourite chocolate desserts!

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The Seattle-style seafood restaurant has been getting fantastic reviews since their opening in August and they're set to hit the headlines again with their Sunday brunch menu which sees really fresh oysters go at $2 - $3 all day long and an outstanding line-up of food and beverages. This was how packed Humpback was on their first brunch service (picture taken after all the media folks have left).

See you again soon, Humpback!

20 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089834
Monday - Saturday : 5pm-12am
Sunday : 11am - 3pm


Love, K

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