Thursday, February 4, 2016

Chinese New Year @ INDOCAFE - the white house

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INDOCAFE takes on Cantonese cuisine this lunar new year with different set menus. The Prosperous Menu, tailored for 3 - 4 pax, will be featured in this post. The meal kicked off with the Glorious Prosperity Yu Sheng with Baby Abalone which was definitely a notch above the rest with the unique inclusion of house made curry sauce. The subtle flavours of the curry sauce melded flawlessly with all the ingredients. While it was on the light side, I still enjoyed the little twist.

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Prawn Roll, Chive Dumpling and Kueh Pie Tee
I thought that the fried items were all executed pretty well. The roll and dumpling were nicely fried, not too oily, and had generous fillings. The crunchy kueh pie tee was filled with fresh ingredients and baby abalones. Quite possibly one of the most luxurious kueh pie tees out there.

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King Crab Claw Soup
Premium ingredients such as dried scallop, hashima and bamboo fungus are employed in the making of the soup. It was a tad watered down and slightly on the bland side. I was expecting a richer and more flavourful concoction.

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Chicken with Ginger Dip
Instead of the Garoupa with spicy nonya sauce, we were treated to a platter of tender chicken with a light ginger dip that reminded me very much of chicken rice.

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Braised Pork Knuckle
The Pork Knuckle was incredibly tender and juicy and it sufficiently soaked up the sauce that it was braised in. Definitely one of the better dishes in the eight-course menu.

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Wrapped Vegetables 
Cut into the vegetables to reveal dried oysters and black moss which have been braised in fermented beancurd. With it comes two whole abalones.

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Ee Fu Noodles
The noodles looked and seemed simple but they were laced with chilli and tossed with seafood. It's not mindblowing, but its pretty decent. By the time you get here, you should be really stuffed already!

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A warm and comforting finish to the meal saw large glutinous rice balls with yummy peanut cores come together with red dates, gingko nuts, dried longan, sweet potato and barley seeds in a sweet symphony. The more senior members in the family would probably take to this quite well.

While this was a brave attempt at Cantonese fare, I felt that INDOCAFE fell short in some ways and their Chinese New Year menu wasn't as impressive as their Peranakan food is. There said, INDOCAFE is still a nice place for a get-together. I have always loved dining here because of the ambience, furniture and cutlery. Really good service too, may I add.

The Prosperous Menu is priced at $288 for three to four people. Do give INDOCAFE a ring should you like to find out more about the other set menus.

35 Scotts Road
Singapore 228227


Love, K 

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