Monday, February 1, 2016

Monkey Magic @ Peony Jade (Keppel Club)

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The creative and innovative culinary team at Peony Jade has come up with a monkey-shaped yusheng to usher in the Year of the Fire Monkey. The adorable set-up will have everyone smiling from ear to ear. Be prepared to snap a ton of pictures before the yusheng goes from gorgeous to glam with the addition of luxurious choice seafood such as lobster from Canada, 2 head golden abalone from Australia, Geoduck clam, sashimi-grade tuna and sashimi-grade salmon.

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Instant Enormous Windfall, Good Health and Longevity Yusheng - $388.88
Apart from the addition of premium seafood, crispy salmon fish skin, champagne jelly, lychee pulp-pops, edible 18k gold leaves, taro strips, roasted pine nuts and toasted sesame seeds are incorporated too. Topping it off with a fresh apricot and peach jam dressing, this might just be one of the most opulent yushengs out there this year. The yusheng is said to serve up to 10 guests but I think it's actually good for 20. 1-day advance order is required.

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Triumph Poon Choi - $88.88 - $698.88
When it comes to Poon Choi, Peony Jade's rendition is always second to none. This year, 12 premium ingredients (shaved black truffles, 6-head whole abalone from Australia, dace fish, shrimp balls with foie gras, fresh plump scallops, spiked sea cucumber from South Africa, king-size prawns, shiitake mushrooms, golden oysters, de-shelled crab claws, high grade fish maw and taro) have been delicately brought together in a symphony that resonated with everyone. The rich broth is stunningly rich and delicious. The addition of black truffle has elevated the dish and gave it a unique touch. This is irrefutably my favourite poon choi.

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Abounding Wealth Suckling Pig - $198.88 - $388.88
Beneath that amazingly crispy skin that cracks apart on the slightest pressure is a layer of chewy fats, tender meat and fragrant glutinous rice with Chinese sausages and shiitake mushrooms. The deliberate use of the cut from the hind trotter of the pig pays off as the meat is wonderfully juicy and tender. As much as it was a pretty good dish, I felt that there was a slight stench from the meat that wasn't completely removed.

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Progress & Advancement Wealth Sauteed Boston Lobster- $128.88
You can always count on Peony Jade to deliver in both the taste and aesthetics department. The cherry blossom tree made of edible dough signifies bliss, success and fortune. The light and sweet Boston Lobster sits atop a silky egg white before it is topped with crispy golden conpoy, fish roe and caviar. 1-day advance order is required.

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Bountiful Treasures 
The signature flaky Teochew orh-ni pastry with egg yolk is back to capture hearts again. They are available for takeaway at all Peony Jade outlets and Takashimaya's festive market.   

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Double Blessings - $68.88 (8 pieces)
The Double Blessings gift set sees these exquisite little peaches come together with the kumquat-shaped mochi in a pretty box. These peach-shaped pastries have a core of low sugar white lotus and macadamia nuts.

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Carefully moulded into the shapes of kumquats, Peony Jade brings to the table an interesting new creation which features mochi with a yuzu-infused white lotus paste centre.

Once again, Peony Jade has dazzled with an impressive Chinese New Year menu. If you're still looking for a restaurant for your Chinese New Year gatherings, look no further. For more information on reunion lunch or dinner set menus and buffets, do give them a ring at 62769138 or 63380305.

Peony Jade @ Keppel Club
Bukit Chermin Road
Keppel Club, Level M
Singapore 109918

Peony Jade @ Clarke Quay
Blk 3A Clarke Quay

Monday - Friday : 11am - 230pm, 6pm - 11pm
Saturday - Sunday : 10am - 3pm, 6pm -11pm


Love, K

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