Saturday, August 27, 2016

Coffee & Laksa Pasta @ Noshery by Nosh (Rochester Park)

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Nestled within the serene but alluring Rochester Park, Noshery is the latest project by Nosh. The green and brown hues that Noshery is decked out in convey an earthy feel, which is consistent with its surroundings. The space is decorated with wooden furniture, vintage finds and warm lights. There is a constant stream of natural sunlight into the cafe but you will be able to catch some shadows if that's your photography style at certain corners.

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The latte was my kinda coffee. Smooth, creamy and robust with just a slight trace of acidity.

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Croque Monsieur - $12
We popped by for brunch on a weekday only to find that the brunch menu is only available on weekends. The Croque Monsieur was the closest dish to a brunch item and we decided to go with that as one of our two main courses. There's nothing fancy about the baked get-up. Think sourdough, ham, cheddar and miso butter. Simple, but it works. This wouldn't wow you but if you're looking for something familiar and comforting, this might just be the fix for you.

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Laksa Tagliatelle - $17
Although I'm terrible with spicy food, I always love a challenge by going for tomyum and laksa items, especially when they come in pasta versions. After every first bite, a wave of regret always hits me and I always ask myself, "why do I do this". It's just the same for the dry laksa pasta. Everyone was laughing at my expression as I grimaced at the fire consuming my tongue and lips. My dining partners found it alright though! I thought that the tagliatelle could have used a more al dente texture but I like that there were taupok pieces characteristic of a piping hot bowl of laksa scattered all over. I wouldn't have been able to finish this on my own, that's for , I do think that it's a decent lunch or dinner option.

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Noshery is one of those places that I can spend an entire day by myself at. I love that it's kinda hidden but it's actually pretty accessible, and being here feels like you've been whisked away from the city to a peaceful wooden cabin overseas or something. It's quiet enough, only on weekdays though I presume, for one to do work or finish up a book.

9 Rochester Park
Singapore 139220
Tuesday - Friday: 1130am -1030pm
Saturday - Sunday: 1030am -1030pm


Love, K

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