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Epicurean Market 2016 @ Marina Bay Sands (12th - 14th August)

 photo Epicurean Market 2016 Marina Bay Sands DB bistro.jpg
The fourth edition of the highly anticipated Epicurean Market greeted excited Singaporeans at 12pm sharp on 12th August. With a band of celebrity chef restaurants, an expanded Farmer's Market and over 50 masterclasses conducted by award-winning chefs, Epicurean Market is the most breathtaking and largest yet.

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Chef David Thompson, Chef Justin Quek, Chef Daniel Boulud, Chef Christopher Christie, Chef Nancy Silverton, Chef Tetsuya Wakuda and Chef David Myers on stage during the opening ceremony.

 photo Epicurean Market 2016 Marina Bay Sands Yardbird.jpg
Yardbird is set to open at Marina Bay Sands in 2017 but you can get a preview right here at Epicurean Market! I have been looking forward to this all week! The signature Lewellyn's Fried Chicken ($12) comes with a crispy and dense waffle with cheese, honey hot sauce, bourbon maple and watermelon with mint. The chicken was incredibly juicy and perfectly crisp while the waffle was beyond delightful. This is definitely the most value-for-money dish here and it's really delicious too!

Waku Ghin
 photo Epicurean Market 2016 Marina Bay Sands Waku Ghin.jpg
There was an endless queue at Waku Ghin all day and I can totally understand why. Dining at Waku Ghin is a pricey affair and this is one of the rare chances that we can have a taste of Waku Ghin's goodness at prices that wouldn't break the bank or have us living on bread for the rest of the month. Waku Ghin is especially known for their Marinated Botan Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Oscietra Caviar which you can dive into for $25 here. I won't even try to explain how impressive it was because words can never do the immaculate dish justice but I strongly urge you to give this mindblowing treat a go! Don't miss out on the Ohmi Beef ($20) too!

Spago by Wolfgang Puck
 photo Epicurean Market 2016 Marina Bay Sands Spago.jpg
I've heard so much about Spago but haven't had a chance to pop by so I was really thrilled to be here. I tried the Hand Cut Corn Agnolotti ($20) which sees a generous filling of sweet corn wrapped up in pasta. The flavours were amazing and every bite promises a burst of joy. Topped with black truffles no less, you certainly wouldn't want to miss this.

Adrift by David Myers
 photo Epicurean Market 2016 Marina Bay Sands 
The charming chef loves Hokkaido and decided to put up an exquisite Grilled Hokkaido Scallop ($12) with lemongrass, celeriac and myoga on the menu. The wonderfully sweet and plump scallop paired up beautifully with the light lemongrass flavour and the overall buttery texture of the entire combination was simply stunning.

 photo Epicurean Market 2016 Marina Bay Sands Mozza.jpg
Famous for their pizzas and mozzarella, Mozza brings their best to the show with piping hot hand-crafted pizzas and show-stopping hand-pulled mozzarella with prosciutto. You won't be disappointed here for sure! I'm one of those weirdos who always abandon the edges of the pizzas but the texture of Mozza's pizzas were so good that I finished everything!

db Bistro & Oyster Bar by Daniel Boulud
 photo Epicurean Market 2016 Marina Bay Sands DBB.jpg
Daniel Boulud is one of the most adorable chefs that I have met. His smile is infectious! I love the way he tried to get his entire team to pose for the numerous cameras and you can tell from the interactions that he has with his crew that he is more than just a boss or a chef to them and I really admire and respect him for that. The gorgeous Lobster Roll is definitely the highlight and a hot favourite while the delectable Tiger Prawn Cocktail packs a spicy wasabi punch that had me almost in tears but still talking about how good it was. The oysters are a must-try too! Basically, I loved everything that I had here!

Cut by Wolfgang Puck
 photo Epicurean Market 2016 Marina Bay Sands Cut.jpg

The American Steakhouse is undoubtedly one of the most popular restaurants in Singapore. They are renowned for their steaks, of course, but they do a mean Maryland Crab Cake ($15) too. There's a pristine sweetness about the fresh crabmeat that might just capture your heart.

Singleton Sensorium
 photo Epicurean Market 2016 Marina Bay Sands Singleton.jpg
The award-winning Single Malt Scotch Whisky shines brightly in three carefully crafted cocktails. I'll highly recommend the Singleton Tropical Sour that is a clever mix of Singleton of Glen Ord 12, lemongrass syrup, lemon juice, coconut oil, fresh lemongrass stick and a fruity popsicle. The
refreshing and addictive cocktail is one of the best that I've had thus far, for sure.

Kühlbarra photo Epicurean Market 2016 Marina Bay Sands Farmers Market.jpg
The Farmer's Market showcases fresh produce airflown in specially for this weekend. Guests can expect to find organic produce, Japanese melons, hybrid cauliflower and sustainable fish. The salmon fillet($15) from Kühlbarra has a deep orange colour which bears a semblance to wild salmon and the Australian Barramundi($7) looks absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't resist packing some home! 

Brewer's Coffee

 photo Epicurean Market 2016 Marina Bay Sands Brewers Coffee.jpg
The exhibition has a variety of booths that provide samples of coffee, wine, cheeses and more and you should really check them out. If you need a caffeine fix, do pop by Brewer's for an iced latte or Nitro Ice Coffee.

Global Oceanlink
 photo Epicurean Market 2016 Marina Bay Sands Global Oceanlink.jpg
Global Oceanlink boasts really tasty oysters such as the Kumamoto, Fat Bastard and Shigoku. They run at $15 for half a dozen which is quite a steal in my opinion. I've always enjoyed the Kumamoto very much and I was really happy to find it here.

I left Epicurean Market well-fed, really satisfied and very happy. I ended the day with four sweet treats from Patisserie Platine and packed home a Lemon Meringue Tart from Epicerie by Daniel Boulud. If you love food, or would like to try various cuisines from the signature restaurants at MBS all in one seating, you have to head down to Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre this weekend. A three-day pass and a set of Schott Zwiesel champagne flutes(while stocks last) goes at $35 and the pass secures entry to the after-party. You can get your tickets online, or at the venue itself.

Have fun!

Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Halls A, B & C
13th August : 12pm - 10pm, 10pm - 2am
14th August : 12pm - 9pm


Love, K

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