Tuesday, August 30, 2016

(CLOSED)Dazzling Day Out @ Dazzling Cafe (Capitol Piazza)

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Dazzling Cafe has worked on their new western fusion menu for four months before finally launching it on 17th August. The new menu sees an addition of starters, pasta dishes, mains, a revamped Honey Toast and a refreshing iced tea created by Michelin restaurant trained Chef Cliff Tan.

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Mozzarella and Cucumber Granita Salad - $10
Armed with mozzarella balls and beetroot pearl jelly, the Japanese cucumber salad packs a surprise underneath the heap of colourful mess. There were black cookie-like bits scattered all over the bottom of the dish and they turned out to be olive crumble! It's the first time I've encountered olive in this form!

 photo Dazzling Cafe Capitol Piazza Shrimp Paste Winglets.jpg
Shrimp Paste Winglets - $11.50
The winglets were perfectly crisp and juicy and were drizzled with a sauce that looked and tasted like Thai chilli sauce. The sauce, however, is actually plum sauce that has been fried with chilli. While this was extremely palatable and essentially a more Western take on the Chinese version of Har Cheong Kai, I thought that the taste of shrimp paste was hardly detectable.

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Scallop Risotto in Prawn Miso Broth - $24
The prawn miso broth was pretty muted in flavour. I expected it to be really tasty but it was somewhat bland for a broth that, I supposed, have been prepared for hours. Although the bonito flakes spiced the dish up, I felt that the dish could definitely use some work. I did think that the price point was quite reasonable though.

 photo Dazzling Cafe Capitol Piazza Fregola Sarde Grande Pasta.jpg
Fregola Sarde Grande Pasta - $25
I was so excited to see fregola! Fregola is a pretty rare pasta that originates from Sardinia and you hardly get to see it in Singapore. The pasta was cooked really well and the light cream and white wine sauce that it was bathed in, was delectable. This was my favourite dish of the day!

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Thai Tom Yum Seafood Rigatoni - $21
Seeing as it was a tomato-based tom yum sauce, I wasn't the slightest bit afraid to tackle this dish. Unfortunately, for me, the sauce packs quite a punch and i didn't expect it to be this spicy! The tom yum flavour was very pronounced and it melded seamlessly with the tangy tomato sauce. Everyone was full of praise for it!

 photo Dazzling Cafe Capitol Piazza Chicken Cordon Bleu.jpg
Dazzling Chicken Cordon Bleu - $23
The chicken was stuffed with gruyere and parma ham which makes an awfully delicious combination. A pity though, that the chicken was slightly on the dry side.

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Dazzling Potato Doughnut with Bratwurst - $21
The egg looked promising and so did the unique doughnut that's topped with caramelized onions. It was, however, quite a let-down. The potato doughnut was really dense, thick and dry while the bratwurst sausage wrapped up in the middle was really dry and tough too. We were told that this was highly recommended and a personal favourite of many but I would really say, skip this if you can.

 photo Dazzling Cafe Capitol Piazza Butter Poached Salmon.jpg
Butter Poached Salmon - $23
The thick-cut confit salmon was presented in a simple fashion, with a side of carrot puree and squid ink cous cous. It wasn't as well-cooked as I hope it would be. It didn't have that light pink centre that I always look for but it was still decent enough, with the mustard beurre blanc saving the day.

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On Cloud Nine
The signature Honey Toast takes on a new look with a huge cloud of cotton candy hanging overhead. The cotton candy melts away really quickly so if you wanna snap a picture, you gotta be quick, especially when it's not the easiest dish to photograph. This is my first time trying the honey toast, and while it was good, I wished that it was more heavily buttered.

 photo Dazzling Cafe Capitol Piazza Forget Me Not Tea.jpg
Forget Me Not - $6
A jasmine-based tea with floral notes that is both refreshing and comforting.

 photo Dazzling Cafe Capitol Piazza Creme Brulee Latte.jpg
Creme Brulee Latte - $8
The coffee comes with a caramelized layer on top, which seemed fancy at first but actually made the coffee too sweet after.

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Cafe Latte - $6
Dazzling Cafe uses Lavazza coffe, a safe choice that always works. 

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The flagship outlet is covered in a pretty shade of mint and has a cozy and intimate second level which renders Dazzling Cafe quite the ideal location for afternoon tea, gatherings and private events. Also, the new menu is only available at this outlet.

Capitol Piazza
15 Stamford Road
Singapore 178906
Sunday - Thursday : 12pm - 10pm
Friday - Saturday :12pm - 1030pm


Love, K

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