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Butcher's Block - Indulge in the New Tostadas & Pizza Weekend Lunch (With Lovely Natural Wines No Less!)

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Known to deliver an amazing barbecue experience, Butcher's Block is constantly keeping things fresh and interesting. Chef Remy Lefebvre brings in different meats all the time, and uses seasonal produce to whip up delicious wood-fired cuisine. You might have visited the stunning restaurant for dinner before, but it's time to see the solid outfit in its daytime glory. Decked out in the most gorgeous shade of blue, the restaurant, which rocks a totally different look in the evening, is a charming and welcoming lunch spot in the day.

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We kicked off lunch with a glass of Blind Corner Pét-Nat ($88/bottle) each. The bubbly was easy to drink, with a light fizz, and was the perfect beverage to start the meal with.

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The Pét-Nat paired beautifully with the Coconut Ceviche and Seafood ($28). The freshness and natural sweetness of the fresh seafood worked in tandem with the uni sauce, and every bite was just delightful.

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I've taken a liking to mozzarella in recent days so I was glad to dive into the Tomato and Mozzarella ($22). While I didn't try the tomatoes, which according to my dining partner were very fresh and sweet, I was happy with the creamy and firm mozzarella.

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The natural wine selection at Butcher's Block is really quite impressive. Here's the Katogi Averoff Inima Athiri & Assyrtiko ($20/glass, $98/bottle)

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Vignamaggio Terre di Prenzano Chianti Classico ($20/glass, $98/bottle)

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Only available for lunch on the weekends are a range of tasty tostadas and freshly-made wood-fired pizzas. We tried the Tuna & Chipotle Mayo ($18), Beef Tartare ($29), and Avocado & Corn ($14) tostadas. The Beef Tartare Tostada was definitely my favourite. What I didn't expect was that punch from the jalapeno cream! It definitely took me by surprise. You can cut carefully into the tortilla, or simply pick it up and take a big hearty bite. The flavours of the various ingredients melded well and I like that there's a bunch of textures to work through.

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Clos Des Fees Les Sorcieres ($20/glass, $98/bottle)

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All pizzas at Butcher's Block are created with fresh dough and only premium ingredients, and popped into a wood-fired oven. Our table decided on the Truffata & Burrata Pizza($28) that's made with long fermented dough and covered in a blanket of all my favourite things —truffle and mushroom paste, mozzarella and burrata. Every bite of my quarter of the pizza was aromatic, creamy, and simply delish. Got to love that pizza base which had a wonderful texture, and a lovely smoky fragrance. 

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We also had the 'Nduja ($22) which is slathered with tomato salsa, and topped with the likes of spicy ‘Nduja sausage from Italy, and dollops of ricotta. The spicy sausage was really quite spicy for me but I loved how the ricotta balanced out the spiciness perfectly. It's quite a tough call to pick a favourite because I enjoyed both pizzas as much. If you're feeling a little adventurous, go for the BB Pizza($24), a Lebanese-inspired creation generously sprinkled with minced organic lamb, onions, molasses, parsley and mint.

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There's no better way to round off the meal than with one or three scoops of Butcher's Block house-made icecream and sorbet($9/each). The Passionfruit was unapologetically sour but exceedingly refreshing, and the Pineapple would quite possibly be the yummiest pineapple icecream you've ever come across.

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If you're celebrating a special occasion here, be sure to let the staff know beforehand!

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If you're thinking of a nice little tipple, this trolley has offerings that won't disappoint.

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I will recommend the Porto which is sweet and has a really smooth finish!

Apart from the space that I can't stop gushing about, I really loved the service at Butcher's Block. As with every F&B establishment under the management of Raffles Hotel Singapore, the service here is top notch. Raffles Hotel Singapore is spoiling guests with really great options for weekend brunch. It might be hard to pick a venue, so why not try them all? Read about the newly launched weekend brunch at Raffles Courtyard here.  Pop by Butcher's Block if you're craving for a different weekend brunch experience!

The lunch menu at Butcher's Block is available on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00pm to 230pm for dine-in, and also for takeaway and delivery via

Raffles Arcade, Raffles Hotel Singapore
328 North Bridge Road
#02-02, Singapore 188719

Wednesday - Friday : 6pm - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday : 12pm - 230pm, 6pm - 10pm

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