Thursday, October 8, 2020

Burnt Ends - More Than Deserving of Their One Michelin Star

It's been a dream of mine to dine at Burnt Ends, but I could never get a table. So when Miss Tam Chiak wanted to have lunch, I thought I would just try my luck again. And guess what! We scored a table for 2, just 2 days before our lunch date. I know, I know, it's crazy luck! I couldn't believe it myself. I had to double check my booking multiple times. I arrived a couple of minutes before our reservation, and was asked politely to wait outside as they got our counter seats ready. I WAS BEYOND EXCITED. There must have been a cancellation because we were moved from the bar seats to the counter! What a treat!

Pictured here is the magnificent Burnt Ends Sanger. Think extremely flavourful pulled pork packed between two pillowy-soft fluffy buns. Just look at the ratio of meat to bun! Every bite was an explosion of flavours and a party in my mouth! Too good, just too good. I have been dreaming about this, and I will definitely be back soon for this gorgeous creation, and also those Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

How can we miss the famous Burnt Ends Sourdough($5)? The sourdough was huge! So we shared a piece, and took the other half away. 
The Steak Sandwich ($30) were pricey bite-sized treats. Got to love the steak tartare which was chock full of flavour. The slices of truffle were definitely what made these morsels so expensive but I would gladly do without the indulgent truffles and have one or, if I may be so bold, two more of these babies for the same price.

The Leek, Hazelnut and Black Truffle ($45) was lavishly topped with slices of black truffle as you can see. While I always say no to vegetables, I was confident that Burnt Ends will make vegetables tasty, and, as I expected, they did not disappoint. The distinct flavour of leek was still very present, but not overwhelmingly so. It was also brilliantly complemented by the nuttiness of the hazelnut which also added a lovely crunch. If you're craving for a vegetable dish, this should do it for you.

At $70/100g, the Blackmore's Striploin certainly carried a hefty price tag. We decided on a 150g cut and were shown the cut before it was prepared. The beef took really really long to arrive and we had to check on it twice, but I guess it was well worth the wait! Rocking a beautiful shade of pink, the tender and juicy beef was beautifully cooked and just impeccable. The texture of the beef was on point, and it had a thin layer of fat, which was just about the right amount so that you don't feel that it's overwhelmingly rich. Heck, I don't think you will ever get sick of this dish to be honest! Don't be surprised if you find yourself savouring every bite slowly, wishing that it would never end. Because, that's exactly what I was wishing myself.

The Marron($100) was a last-minute order from us and we were incredibly happy that we ordered it because it was absolutely deliciously. The meat was firm, and succulent, and that kombu beurre blanc handsomely slathered on top was to die for. Even Maureen who's allergic to shellfish tried it and loved it! I was scraping every possible bit of flesh off and using them to wipe up as much sauce as possible. Great quality seafood executed to perfection, it can't get any better than this. The marron really stole the show!

Much has been said about the famous Berry Tart($12). I've seen photos of an entire berry tart going around on social media and people loved it. Because I don't take berries, this tart really wasn't up my alley. I was trying to dig out the berries just so I could enjoy the pastry but Burnt Ends was very generous with the amount of berries, and so I couldn't really get clean pieces of the pastry. I guess it's no surprise that berry lovers are head over heels in love with this. It will be really awesome if they come up with another version! I don't know? Maybe an apple or pear tart? 

Here's the menu which changes daily depending on what's in season and the fresh produce the team can procure that day.

Lunch at Burnt Ends was definitely one of the most memorable meals of 2020 for me. The modern barbecue restaurant with an open concept kitchen totally deserves its one Michelin star and numerous accolades — World's 50 Best and Asia's 50 Best. There's magic in cooking with wood indeed. I will be back, Burnt Ends!

20 Teck Lim Road
Singapore 088391
Monday - Saturday : 1145am - 11pm 

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