Thursday, October 29, 2020

Tenya - Popular Japanese Tendon Chain Opens in Orchard Central!

Tenya is best known for its signature Tendon. Not only is their tendon delicious, the price point is exceptionally agreeable with our wallets. The exact recipe which is used in Japan is followed here in Singapore, so if you've loved the tendon at Tenya in Japan, or are a huge fan of tendon in general, you need to visit! I've to warn you though — the queue is crazy and the wait can go up to 2 hours. 

Most of the ingredients used at Tenya are carefully sourced from longstanding producers in Japan. In fact, alot of the suppliers that supply to the original Tenya outlets in Japan, are suppliers of the first ever Tenya outlet in Singapore as well. You can, hence, be assured that quality and consistency of the steaming rice bowls, or even the noodles dishes, are upheld. Some of the suppliers are a century-old and have been customising secret blends of flour, sauces, and chilli for Tenya for ages!



Using a patented automatic fryer, Tenya is able to consistently churn out freshly fried tempura without the presence of an experienced chef. This machine also allows tempura to be cooked faster(in just 2 minutes), and in a larger quantity. This leads to Tenya being able to offer their irresistible rice bowls at very competitive prices. Tenya also uses an automatic noodle cooker, which ensures that the texture of the noodles are always just right, and a temperature controlled warmer for their tare sauce which is extremely crucial as just a little deviation in the temperature can cause the viscosity of the sauce to change, affecting the entire dish.


Recommended appetizers : Chawanmushi($2.50), Ika Geso($4.90)


Tenya's soba and udon are from Shimadaya in Akita prefecture. The noodles are made according to Tenya's strict specifications. I'm not a big fan of udon and soba but I must say I really enjoyed the noodles!

The light and crisp texture is very much due to the special flour that's created by the number 1 producer of flour in Japan, and precise frying of the tempura in canola oil. Drizzled with a tare sauce that's developed together with a traditional soy sauce maker, Tenya's tendon will impress with its generous portion, taste, and quality. My Premium Tendon($10.90) featured 2 tempura Black Tiger prawns, squid, kani kama, lotus root, French beans and Japanese pumpkin on a bed of steamed Aomori rice. The prawns were great but what really stood out was the pumpkin which was aged for a month. The pumpkin was incredibly sweet and crunchy. If you're a big eater, I'll recommend that you go for the set which comes with udon or soba. I'm an unusually big eater of carbs but I couldn't finish both my soba and rice, and looking around, I realised most people couldn't as well as the portions are just so big! You can also opt for more rice, or less(+/-$0.50).

You can't leave Tenya without a Hokkaido milk soft serve ($2 nett). The portion is seriously generous! A 100% Hokkaido milk soft serve going for just $2 nett? No wonder the queue for the soft serve alone is crazy! The Root Beer Float will be right up your alley if you're craving a little sweet and refreshing treat.

Join the queue, or try to beat it during off-peak hours! Your stomach, and wallet, will both thank you

Orchard Central 
181 Orchard Rd #B1-01 
Singapore 238896
Daily : 11am - 10pm

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