Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Laneway Market

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I popped by the soft launch of The Laneway Market on 27th December and was really amazed at what Christopher has done with the entire place. From designing the place to coming up with the menu and all, immeasurable amount of hard work has been placed into this pretty cafe. I got to know Chris as he's one of my bakers for Mean Bean & Wicked Grind, and we have grown to become pretty great friends over the months. He pops by Mean Bean quite often and starting learning a little about coffee and the art of making coffee and I can't tell you how proud I am of him and The Laneway Market. And I'm definitely a proud shi-fu to see my disciple grow in his coffee-making hahaha

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The Laneway Market is currently operating on a tipping system and their menu is still being revised. Also, a bigger surprise is in store! Their second level is still undergoing planning and construction and I can't wait to see what it brings!

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I was so full from brunch so I didn't really try many items but I swear, everything looked so good I don't even know where to start! So I tackled my favourite part, the dessert selection! This lemon tart was almost divine and when I asked Chris about it, he told me that he didn't even qc it. Like hello, is this what real talent is. You just anyhow bake and it turns out to be this yummy?!

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I'm not too sure what's on the menu currently but do give the pear crumble and pulled pork burger a go!

Congratulations Chris and family on the opening of The Laneway Market. I'm a westie, but I'll gladly drive 30km to Tanjong Katong Road just for you guys. Can't wait to be back already! See you guys very very soon!

The opening days and hours haven't been fixed but I've heard that they're now open from 10am to 9pm and might be closing on Wednesdays (Just like Mean Bean HAHA) !

Will do up another feature on TLM soon so do stay tuned guys! Meanwhile, show TLM team some love by following them on instagram @thelanewaymarket! And if you're staying in the east, lucky you! Bring your pooches for some outdoor dining with them! Not saying this for the sake of saying it, but I'm certain that TLM is gonna be or might already be the hottest cafe in the east.

266 Tanjong Katong Road


Love, K


  1. Pathetic all day breakfast and sandwich, not unless you want to pay $12 for a slice of Gardenia style wholemeal toast cut into 2 triangles topped with tasteless scrambled eggs and 2 small sausages that seems to be store bought.
    Imagine $15 for microwave reheated roasted chicken chunks sandwiched between 2 slices of Gardenia style wholemeal bread and served with skinny fries that's overwhelmed with truffle oil. Topped it all with semi rotting salad leaves. Thanks but no thanks, Laneway market never again. .!

    1. Hello there! I'm sorry that you didn't have a good experience at TLM! If you would give them a go again, do try the Dashi Risotto, it's amazing! Thank you for your honest feedback, I'll convey it to Christopher!


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