Monday, April 1, 2013


Restaurant Week 

X and I didn't make any reservations this Restaurant Week after having been to 8 places during the last 2 Restaurant Weeks haha. We have tried every restaurant that we wanted to except that I really wanted to go to Gunther's! Gunther's is new on the list and I wanted to go really badly but X was super busy during Restaurant Week ): BUT, thank God for fellow food bloggers! 

Charleen, Derrick, Nicole and I met at Gunther's for lunch. We were notified earlier on that we only had an hour to dine. Our reservation was at 11.15 and I only got there at 11.40! I almost panicked haha

 photo P3216535.jpg

 photo P3216470.jpg
Warm and fragrant mini baguette

 photo P3216478.jpg
Cold Angel Hair Pasta, Tomato, Mozzarella, Ham

A simpler rendition of their signature Cold Angel Hair Pasta, Oscietra Caviar. Even without the caviar, this dish was delicious right down to the last strand. Cold and springy pasta with paper-thin savory ham and chewy small blocks of mozzarella, heaven was never closer. Quite a generous portion for a starter but it was definitely insufficient! We were all craving for more!

 photo P3216479.jpg
Carpaccio Wagyu Beef, Tartare Style

Top quality beef that not everyone will take too. It's too raw for me but Derrick loved it!

 photo P3216485.jpg
Pan-roasted Foie Gras, "a la dragees" (additional $15)

Perfectly roasted and tantalizing foie gras that is topped with crunchy almond bits. The almond complemented the roasted foie gras so well and enhanced the taste of the lightly crisp and melt-in-your-mouth slab of happiness.

 photo P3216487.jpg

 photo P3216488.jpg
Love it to bits.

 photo P3216504.jpg
Pork Ribs, Provencale Style

A giant piece of pork rib coupled with extremely delicious tomato omu rice. The tomato omu rice was rich and tasty with hints of spices that do not overwhelm your tastebuds. Every bite of the pork rib was joy and you really can't help but relish it. Brilliant and impeccable.

 photo P3216506.jpg
Grilled Brittany Cod Fish, Couscous of vegetables

The cod fish pales a little in comparison to the pork ribs in terms of its portion and taste. The fresh cod fish was delicious with the creamy mushroom based sauce that it was partnered with. It does not leave as strong an impression as the pork ribs though!

 photo P3216515.jpg
English Breakfast Tea Bavarois, Salty Caramel

The pudding like Bavarois sits in a lemongrass infused sauce that tasted a little too strong on its own but was immaculate with the bavarois and the oh-so-good salty caramel. I took really long to eat this as I savoured every mouthful. Pure goodness.

 photo P3216527.jpg
Petit Fours

The thin almond cracker was fragrant and crunchy and the dark chocolate praline was really good. The madelaine was buttery and plain and probably the least outstanding but it was a simple end to the meal

 photo P3216532.jpg

Gunther's is incredible, superb and just downright impressive. They're elaborate in every aspect, from the plating to service. For the cold angel hair pasta, the dish that it was served in was cold. The pasta was, thus, kept at its optimum temperature for consumption. For the pork ribs and bavarois, the dishes were warm. I was really impressed! The restaurant is cozy and unpretentious with a smart casual dress code. And service was top-notch. The chef also spoke to us personally asking us how we found the food. We were initially told that we only had an hour to dine but the dishes weren't served all that quickly so the meal was extended but we never felt pressured to rush into our food. It was truly a wonderful dining experience!

36 Purvis Street

Mon - Sat: 12:00 - 15:00
Mon - Sat: 18:30 - 22:30


Love, K

K's rating of Gunther's : 9.5/10


  1. Wish the food as well as the company. We should do it more often.


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