Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tenryu Dining & Tea House

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Tenryu Dining & Tea House has been around for about one and a half years now. Located in the huge Dairy Farm Estate, Tenryu sits along a quiet corridor near the pool.

Since Tenryu is very near to X's place, we decided to head there for dinner!

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Swordfish sashimi (5 pieces) - $15
Salmon sashimi (5 pieces) - $10

Slices of fresh and juicy sashimi. Great start to the meal!

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Soft Shell Crab - $10

The really crispy soft shell crab didn't quite live up to expectations. Not only were they really small, they barely had any meat in them. And they lacked fragrance and sweetness.

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Chirashi Don - $20

The chirashi don was put together prettily with the rice being surrounded and covered by pieces of sashimi. Topped with ikura and accompanied with sweet tamago, this was my favourite item of the night.

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Yakiniku Bento Set - $18

The thin pieces of beef were soft and infused with the sauce that they came in. Along with the bento set is a bowl of tasty homemade miso soup that you can easily differentiate from those made from instant mixes.

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Chawanmushi - $5

The chawanmushi was a little on the bland side but I liked the chewy and soft mushrooms

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Peach Jelly - $5

This was supposedly made only when the chef has the time and it's his specialty. We were advised and encouraged to try it. It was basically sweet jelly with a relatively large piece of peach which, we guessed, was soaked in a sparkling liquid or something.

Tenryu serves up authentic Japanese food but they weren't exactly fantastic. Service was great though. The server, and supervisor, of the restaurant was clad in a kimono and she was all smiles and really friendly. We spent close to a hundred dollars here and we felt that the meal wasn't exactly worth its price tag.

17 Dairy Farm Road, #B1-06
Dairy Farm Estate Condominium
Tue - Sun: 11:30 - 15:00
18:00 - 22:00
Love, K
K's rating of Tenryu : 6.5/10

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