Sunday, April 14, 2013


Media Invite

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon when X and I made our way to SPR MRKT for an art launch. SPR MRKT is a self-service bistro that focuses on food, retail and art. Parking spaces are available around the whole area but do be prepared to wait quite sometime for a lot

 photo P4066953.jpg

 photo P4066959.jpg

  photo P4066969.jpg

 photo P4066956.jpg
Items on the shelves are available for purchase

 photo P4066954.jpg

 photo P4066965.jpg
Rustic cement walls with paint and chalk.
The cafe carries a laidback vibe that I really like.

Here's a peek of what the cafe has to offer. They have desserts such as salted caramel brownies and pear tarts too.

 photo P4066966.jpg

 photo P4066974.jpg

 photo P4066975.jpg
The art showcase revolves around two main themes. The themes are Fine Art in Architecture and, Fashion.

 photo P4066972.jpg

 photo P4066983.jpg
Finger food prepared specially for the guests

 photo P4066986.jpg

That's Mr Akai Chew in white, holding a print of his work. This is his first art showcase and I must say the photographs belonging to the fashion theme are pretty impressive. Love the smart play of colours! You can catch his works at SPR MRKT!

2 McCallum Street
Weekdays - 8am to 9pm
Saturdays - 9am to 4pm
Sundays - closed


Love, K

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