Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Laduree - Lovely Macarons from France

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The biggest name in the history of macarons has arrived in Singapore! Widely know as the creator of macarons, Laduree has brought its famous macarons with a history of 80 years, to one of the biggest shopping malls in town. Located in Ngee Ann City, Laduree has a boutique on the second level and its take-away counter on the first is the new neighbour of high-end French boutiques Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Despite being really tired and having to rush off for class, X accompanied me to get the macarons [: He can be very sweet sometimes hahaha. We were expecting a queue, but there wasn't any when we got there around noon. We thought that the boutique would have a seating area and we would be able to sit down and enjoy our macarons but the boutique is just a small space where people can purchase macarons, chocolates, and accessories

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Boutique on the second level

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Accessories like bags and keychains are available for purchase. The Laduree keychains are really pretty! And they are also pretty expensive, going at $78 for one

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The boxes come in different designs and there's a limited edition one specially for Singapore!
Also, they have a large variety of boxes so I'm sure they can cater to any number of macarons you will like to purchase.

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A piece of macaron costs $3.80
A box of 8 costs $30.40
A box of 12 costs $45.60
So basically, there isn't a discount even if you buy more.

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Takeaway counter on level 1

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Our box of 12!

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The chocolate macaron with gold leaves costs $7.60 so you'll have to pay $3.80 more, on top of the $45.60!

Our favourite flavours are the Ghana chocolate and the rose!
Unless you really want to eat the gold leaves, we recommend that you skip the chocolate macaron with gold leaves because the leaves are tasteless and the chocolate macaron is highly similar to the classic chocolate macarons

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Salted caramel macaron

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Strawberry marshmallow. X liked the marshmallow filling!

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Chocolate with gold leaves

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The ganache and fillings that are sandwiched between the fat and full macaron shells are thick and rich. And it was absolute bliss biting into every macaron. It's just a little weird that we were savouring these beautiful sweet treats at some random bench in taka haha.

This trip to Laduree made us really excited for our Europe trip!!! Seriously can't wait to just chill and enjoy more macarons in Paris!

Even though the macarons from Laduree are nice, the prices are definitely on the hefty side. But I guess it's okay to indulge once in a while!

Laduree Boutique
391 Orchard Road #02-09
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Ngee Ann City

Laduree Counter
391 Orchard Road #01-24A
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Ngee Ann City

Daily : 10am - 930pm


Love, K

K's rating of Laduree : 8/10

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