Sunday, April 28, 2013

(CLOSED) Au Chocolat

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Au Chocolat spans such a vast area that we were impressed before we even stepped in. Walking into what seems like a wonderland with pretty colours and stuffed toys, it's inevitable that one gets lost staring at the sea of breathtakingly pretty desserts.

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Au Chocolat is elaborately decorated and infused with a Parisian feel.

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The pretty ceiling!

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I guess this could be considered an alfresco area, even though it's still in a shopping mall haha.

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I was taking pictures of the restaurant when the cute female server gathered her colleagues for a picture haha

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Au Chocolat Frozen Hot Chocolate - $12

When the server was sending this to our table, we were like OMG its huge hahaha. We totally didn't expect it to be a big bowl of what resembles a chocolate sundae and were slightly stunned haha. Despite the initial little scare, I have to say that this was outstanding. It's rich, icy cold and the chocolate is creamy and smooth. It's hard to drink it, and easier to eat it like a sundae. I really liked it!

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Iced Latte - $9

X got himself a glass of iced latte that was very milky but really pleasing to the taste buds. The coffee was neither too acidic or too strong and was a striking combination with the generous amount of milk.

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Aww such a cute coaster! The pug is so adorable

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Truffle Fries - $15

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Very thinly crisp and packed full of potato. These aren't just fries, they are really nice fries!
When the truffle fries first arrived, the aroma of truffle filled the air and we couldn't wait to jump into the dish! Haha. What I think is also commendable about this dish is the way the fries are served. Simple, no frills, and with two great sauces by the side. Not to mention, the "newspaper" that holds the fries is adorable!

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I really wanted to read the Au Chocolat Times so I asked the cute server if I could have a "copy" of it. She replied politely and told me that she would check with the chef. We were seated near enough to hear the chef go "FOR WHAT" in an unhappy tone. The server persisted and the chef finally relented and gave her a copy of the Au Chocolat Times and the server went "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" First of all, it was really super nice of the server. Second of all, it's just a piece of waxpaper that your customer wanted and your colleague actually have to be subjected to your attitude for it?

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Au Chocolat Signature Burger - $25
100% USA grain-fed beef patty, packed with cheddar cheese, sundried tomatoes and olive jam, a juicy portobello mushroom and bacon, served in a sesame-coated bun

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This is a burger with a tender and juicy patty and just about everything you will like in a burger. Served with a side of fries, this dish is huge and definitely not for one with a petite appetite!

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Duck Confit - $27
Pan-roasted duck thigh served with potato mash, a white wine poached pear and topped with a tangy chocolate orange sauce

The duck confit was very crispy but it was too dry. Also, the orange in the chocolate orange sauce was rather overwhelming. I liked the texture of the chocolate sauce but the orange was too much for me to take. The mash was nice though! However, I don't remember eating a poached pear?

Service was pretty much impeccable as the servers were really warm and nice! We were too full for dessert but the giant macarons look yummy! The food is decent and if you're at MBS and looking for a place to dine, you can consider Au Chocolat!

2 Bayfront Avenue
#01-03 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 00:00


Love, K

K's rating of Au Chocolat : 7.5/10

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