Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tokyo Auto Salon 2013

 photo P4127482.jpg

Tokyo Auto Salon has been going on for 30 years now, but this is the first time that it's in Singapore. Held at the iconic and prominent Marina Bay Sands, this showcase of unique cars and fast cars attracted huge crowds over a period of three days.

X LOVES cars and I knew we were going to this event once he got wind of it. At $25, we thought that the car show was pretty reasonably priced.

 photo P4127484.jpg
A map of the entire hall

 photo P4127485.jpg

 photo P4127490.jpg

 photo P4127493.jpg

 photo P4127510.jpg

 photo P4127512.jpg

 photo P4127525.jpg

 photo P4127528.jpg

 photo P4127531.jpg
I want.

I just passed my BTT before going for the car show so I took a picture of the Aventador and told my friends that my dad is buying this car for me hahaha cheap thrill

 photo P4127534.jpg

 photo P4127538.jpg

 photo P4127539.jpg
Unique wheels

 photo P4127548.jpg
I don't mind driving this haha

 photo P4127549.jpg

 photo P4127551.jpg

 photo P4127553.jpg

 photo P4127561.jpg

 photo P4127564.jpg
I want this too

 photo P4127569.jpg
It will be damn cool to drive this.

 photo P4127567.jpg

 photo P4127575.jpg

 photo P4127578.jpg

 photo P4127582.jpg

 photo P4127588.jpg

 photo P4127584.jpg
Pretty in pink...?

 photo P4127590.jpg

 photo P4127594.jpg

There was this whole huge area where modified cars and specially designed cars were on display. Most of them were driven in from Malaysia I think. Some of the cars were really cute and quite beautifully designed but I felt that most of them were really ugly haha. It wasn't exactly a very exciting event, for me at least. The Japanese girl group AKB48 were on stage when we were there. They came for a high-five session, where they gave high-fives to a long queue of boys, and left soon after. I could hardly see the group because I was blocked by like a million guys who were crowding around the stage haha. Being up-close and personal with the supercars is definitely an experience. I hope the next time that I'm this close to a supercar would be because the car is mine HAHA


Love, K


  1. Replies
    1. HAHAHAH I agree. Maybe because it was a Friday!

  2. one of the cons are that with some brands it's more difficult and expensive to get the repairing parts. (but it's better than 10 years ago on that point)


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