Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Brunch @ FYR Cycene Ond Drinc (Boon Tat Street)

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Back at FYR for their new brunch menu which is significantly different from the brunch that we are used to. We often go for big breakfast platters, eggs Benedict or French toasts these days but the menu at FYR is a Modern European take and it actually left quite a deep impression.

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Party Detox Basket - $10
You'd think that this basket would come filled with ingredients that would ease a hangover but instead, it comes with vodka, tomato juice, tabasco etc for you to craft your own Bloody Mary.

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My Hot Vino Tinto - $10
If you know me, you'd know I'm a cider, moscato and whisky girl. And red wines are never a chosen beverage for me but this was so sweet! The presence of orange, apple and cinnamon made this one of the nicest glass of red wine I've tasted. Not quite for the wine snobs but a refreshing option that I'll highly recommend

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Yam & Sweet Potato Fries - $8
These crunchy thin fries were so good and crazy addictive! Pair them with the accompanying dips and I guarantee that you'll get hooked like we did.

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Grilled Squid - $12
A pretty dish featuring a grilled squid that was tossed in tumeric, garlic and lime leaves and crispy onion rings that might just be the nicest I've ever had. The chewy and pillowy texture of the squid was noteworthy and it seemed like everybody loved it!

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Skillet-roasted Escargot - $12
This little pan of goodness was flavoured with tumeric and lemongrass and the soft escargots were a delight to bite into. The equally delightful sauce is best enjoyed with a slice of warm toasted bread that comes in a mortar-like bowl

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Baked Beef Hash - $18
Moving on to the mains, I'll like to emphasize how surprisingly affordable they are. This huge serving of corned beef, ribeye and a side of spring onion crepe is really filling so I'll suggest that you order this to share. I adored how all the flavours came together even though I'd have preferred lesser bell peppers in it. It is appetite-whetting and quite wonderful with the fragrant crepe. A better option, definitely, as compared to the Baked Java Curry Chicken Ragout which was bland and had way, way too many beans

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Grilled Steak & Eggs - $28
Honestly, $28 for this is a serious steal. The portion is so generous! Let me start with the thick toasted bread that comes with a delicious garlic butter which had me eating so much bread haha. The steak was unfortunately, unevenly grilled and more towards medium than medium rare. But I'll have this any day, but they really gotta work on the doneness of the beef. And this could be perfect. A little heavy for brunch you might think but if you're having brunch at like 1pm, this is pretty awesome, don't you think?

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Baked Blinis - $15
So, blinis is a thin pancake made with yeasted butter that is a popular traditional dish in Europe. It was too thick for a pancake, actually, in my opinion and I didn't take more than a bite but that salmon really astounded me. Yeah, you know, it's just salmon. But it's difficult to cook a salmon well and I wasn't expecting much but this salmon was flawless. It came with a pink centre, was nicely seasoned and completely stole the show. 

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Baked Pistachio Melt & Pandan Ice Cream - $10
Still one of the best, most unique, and most reasonably priced lava cakes I've encountered. The pandan icecream is as good as I remembered it to be but the pistachio melt was a little too sweet this time. But that soft cake with a molten core and that whole pandan flavour going on still makes it one of my favourite lava cakes. I still think that it could use a little more pistachio flavour though

The brunch options here are much heavier and more intensely flavoured than what our tastebuds are accustomed to but they are really worth a shot. Furthermore, the prices here are so attractive! If you're looking for a different kinda brunch, you know where to go!

* This was a media tasting

19 Boon Tat Street
Singapore 069619
Monday - Friday : 11am - 11pm
Saturday : 9am - 11pm
Sunday : 9am - 4pm


Love, K

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