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Golden Jubilee Menu @ STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar (Bay Hotel)

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In celebration of SG50, STREET 50 at Bay Hotel is launching a Golden Jubilee Menu with more than 50 dishes. Come 1st August, diners will be able to enjoy the all-day ala carte menu that boasts of local flavours melded with global cuisines. Here we have the Bubur Cha Cha Creme Brulee ($9.90), a clever take on well-loved local dessert, bubur cha cha. The different textures present, from various ingredients such as braised yam and sweet potato, coupled with smooth pandan custard rendered this colourful number my favourite dish of the night.

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Fisherman's Soup - $8.90
This mixed seafood soup with garlic, bay leaf and white wine vinegar was quite an appetite-whetting starter

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Snow Crab Salad- $9.90
Not a fan of salad so can't quite comment on this but most of the table said that this was one of the highlights for them

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Otah by the Bay - $8.90
Possibly the first otah I've come across that comes with such a generous serving of seafood. The wallet-friendly price tag makes it quite an attractive item but I felt that the otah was lacking in flavour. It was spicy but not as tasty as I'd have liked it to be

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Bay's Spring Chicken - $14.90
The chicken was tender and juicy with a thin crispy skin. Deep fried with tumeric spices, the spring chicken had a very unique taste that is difficult to describe but it really grew on me. I would say that this is one of the better main courses and oh yes, those sweet potato fries were yummy too!

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Satay Bay-hoon -$14.90
A local delight with a punny name, this didn't quite meet my expectations. I found the satay sauce too thick and slightly bland as compared to what I'm used to.

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Sambal Saba - $16.90
The Saba fish had a little fishy taste to it and it was a little tough too. The pairing with sambal chilli and fragrant Jasmine rice worked pretty well though

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Veal Cheek Rendang - $19.90
Eight hours of braising gave these veal cheeks a tenderness that is truly noteworthy and commendable. I approve of that melt-in-your-mouth softness and delicious rendang sauce

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Garoupa Popiah - $18.90
I was really thinking how this would look like when I saw its name on the menu. I thought it would be the traditional popiah that is commonplace at coffeeshops. So when this came, it was a pleasant little surprise. Although it doesn't look fancy or seem like much, the dish was well-executed with a thin and crisp popiah skin enveloping slabs of soft garoupa. A very unique twist that might tickle your fancy!

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Durian Pengat - $8.90
A long-standing icon of STREET 50, the durian pengat has always been a popular dish and I've tried it a couple of times too. This version, however, paled in comparison to those I've tried before. The lack of real durian flesh and the presence of a subtle artificial note didn't cut it for me. I say, go for the Bubur Cha Cha Creme Brulee

If you're coming out from Sentosa, or in the Harbourfront area late at night, and need to fill your grumbling tummies, you can pop by STREET 50! They open from 6am - 4am. Also, there's a 20% discount off food orders for the Golden Jubilee a la carte menu. My readers can also quote "KIMBERLEYYEO" to get a fourth dish on the house with every 3 main courses ordered!

* This was a media tasting

50 Telok Blangah Road
Bay Hotel
Daily : 6am - 4am


Love, K

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