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My Little Tapas Bar & The Entertainer App

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By the same folks behind My Little Spanish Place, My Little Tapas Bar is a popular haunt on Club Street that dishes out authentic Spanish tapas, complete with a wide range of wines. Here, you can get freshly carved jamon (ham) too! Not just any ham but the best cured hams in Spain! If you've always wanted to try My Little Tapas Bar but haven't gotten down to it, The Entertainer app is giving you added motivation to pop by MLYB! Grab two tapas and enjoy two more on the house!

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Jamon Serrano(Spanish Cured Ham) - $7
Manchego Cheese - $8
I was a tad hesitant to try the hard cheese because I've always been quite averse to the smell and taste of most cheeses. But the savory ham went really well with the cheese and the small little red cubes gave a sweet kick to the combination. A simple but great way to start your meal!

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Chorizo a la Plancha - $14
Here we have fresh chorizo with caramelized onions and manchego cheese. Yet another clever play on flavours

Croquetas de Jamon - $10
The croquettes were pretty brilliant. They were lightly fried, and were stuffed full of jamon and aioli! I adored the thin crispy skin that gave way to a burst of creamy goodness!

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Sardinas en escarbeche
Far from its canned counterpart, this dish sees homemade sardines cooked in vinegar, olive oil and smoked paprika on toast. My partner-in-crime for the night loved this !

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Gambas Picantes - $14
Those crunchy prawns were an absolute delight to bite into. Cooked in boiling olive oil with a touch of garlic, chilli and smoked paprika, this was easily one of the highlights which left an impression with its unique flavour

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Patatas Bravas - $10
Super thin chips fried to perfection and accompanied with a spicy aioli dip. Just a heads up, this is crazy addictive

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Albondigas - $12
Fat and juicy meatballs that sit in a tomato-based sauce. They were tender but not crumbly and I adored how well-flavoured they were

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Sangria - $12

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Tarta de Chocolate - $12
The chocolate tart was rich and creamy and had three layers of chocolate sitting in its tart crust. A wonderfully sweet finish to a good evening!

I didn't expect myself to enjoy the food at MLTB as much as I did and I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to dine here! At this session, I received The Entertainer App which gives me access to tons of really awesome deals. You can get 1-for-1 main courses at many restaurants and also great hotel deals where the second night of your stay is free! I've favourited many restaurants to check out and I've been fervently using the app, and saving tons of money! And you can get The Entertainer App for just $50 now. You might think that it's a little expensive but honestly, just a meal using the app can easily save you that amount. I recently dined at Pizza Fabricca and we had four main courses for the price of two and the meal worked out to $79 for the 5 of us. Pretty damn awesome, if you ask me!

If you're not sure how the app works and would like to try the app out, I can send you a coupon to one of your desired merchants on the app for you to try out! Just drop me an email at but please download the app first (its free!) !

42 Club Street
Singapore 069420
Monday - Thursday, Saturday : 5pm - 12am
Friday : 5pm - 2am


Love, K

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