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Crab in da Bag @ Water Sports Centre (Singapore Sports Hub)

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Yupp. That's just about an everyday sight at Crab in da Bag.

Crab in da Bag has opened its second nautical-themed restaurant at the Water Sports Centre at the Singapore Sports Hub, complete with a river view, sea breeze and really chill vibes. Crab in da Bag kicked off its grand opening in style and with a huge bang, no less, treating guests to its Caboodle Festival, where we witnessed the cooking of seafood in gigantic caboodle pots outdoors.

"Ahoy, Caboodle Boil!", we shouted as buckets and buckets of freshly cooked seafood were poured into this six-foot long, custom-built boat. No doubt one of the most extravagant live cooking demonstrations I've attended

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The Water Sports Centre is actually really easily located but there aren't enough signs to direct you there but its really near the Stadium MRT station! Gotta keep your eyes peeled!

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House Fries - $7
Known for its Louisiana-Asian style of cooking, Crab in da Bag has proven to be very popular with Singaporeans. I wasn't quite sure what the hype was about initially but I knew I was in for a great night when the first item on our table, fries, yes, fries, surprised us. Crisp, with a fluffy and generous portion of potato inside, these fries were easily the most unpretentious but yummy fries I've come across. Like seriously, I know they were fries but they were good and you have to get them!

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CiDB Wings - $12
To be honest, I was all like... Wings? How nice can these wings be but I was taken by surprise. One just wasn't enough for me. I think I had four? Even though I was trying to save my stomach for the seafood haha

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Crispy Chewy Baby Squid - $12
I was told that the squids are really popular and those crispy sweet little treats, indeed, would get you hooked in an instant

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Salad in da Bag! - $12
Meant for two, the bag of salad is shaken before it is cut open to be enjoyed. Quite a large bag that many gobbled up because of the delightful sesame dressing. None for me, as usual haha

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Mum's Pasta in da Bag - $16
This was portioned out for us so we didn't get to see it in the bag. Think linguine sauteed in a thick sweet and sour brown sauce from a recipe that's been passed down by the owner's late mum, Venus clams and Bratwurst sausages. The sauce is pretty unique and it might not tickle the fancy of the masses but I quite like it because I've always liked sweet pasta. And those Venus clams were so plump and yum

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These freshly shucked oysters are to-die-for. Incredibly fresh and really fat and juicy, they were snapped up in no time. Well, I still managed to lay my hands on three of them. Could have easily slurped down five more but you know, I'm considerate like that... Truth be told, they were all gone before I could get a fourth one hahaha

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The iconic caboodle pot of Crab in da Bag where seafood is boiled for precise timings

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The seafood is boiled in a blend of Louisiana herbs and spices imported from the States

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The caboodle boil is served with three homemade dips, Thai Green Bird, Northern Malaysian Sambal and my favourite, Louisiana Garlic Butter

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Titanic Pot (4 pax) - $299
Gigantic Pot (6 pax) - $399
SEAFOOD FEAST. SO GOOD OH MY GOODNESS. Everything tasted so good with the garlic butter. Even the corn!

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Tiger Prawns with Salty Splash Seasoning - $26
Salted egg has been all the rage for sometime now and this combination of salted egg with Louisiana herbs and spices certainly sounds promising but I found the taste of salted egg to be somewhat absent.

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Boston Bay Mussels with Caboodle Mix - $24
Live Venus Clams with Ultimate Curry Seasoning - $21
When tasted in succession, the Venus clams stood out because of the signature curry mix which was really flavourful and aromatic. The mussels were tossed in a lighter seasoning consisting of herbs, spices and garlic. Most of us preferred the tastier Venus clams which were highly addictive

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Super cute mascot!!! Haha

I'm really not a fan of dining without utensils and I hardly ever use more than two fingers to tackle chicken wings or any food that requires some hands-on action but I enjoyed getting my hands dirty at Crab in da Bag! It was truly an experience dining without plates, with a feast laid out on the table right before your eyes. The sight is pretty magnificent, may I add. Now you know where to go for a fun dining experience!

*This was a media tasting

Water Sports Centre
8 Stadium Walk, #02-05
Singapore 397699
Tuesday - Friday : 4pm - 11pm
Saturday - Sunday : 12pm -11pm


Love, K

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