Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pho Street @ Westgate

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Sitting in the basement of one of the most popular malls in the west, Pho Street at Westgate dishes out decent and unpretentious Vietnamese fare. Patrons can expect pretty authentic street delights prepared by Chef Kenny, who comes from Vietnam. Since its humble beginnings in 2013, Pho Street has expanded to 2 outlets and they are constantly looking to inject freshness into their menus by tailoring recipes and adding new items

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Lemon Cooler with Peppermint and Basil - $3.50
Passionfruit & Basil Mojito - $3.50 
I'm not a fan of Vietnamese coffee so I opted for a soda which refreshes the palate between each dish

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Fresh Summer Rolls - $4.90
These rolls are always a must-have when I pop by Vietnamese eateries. Apart from the vegetables, which I pick out before digging in, I absolutely adore the combination of fresh prawns and meat with the nutty homemade dip

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Snack Platter - $8.90
Good for sharing, the platter consists of fried pork rolls, crab cakes and roasted chicken skewers

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Sesame Rice Crackers with Minced Meat Dip - $6.90
A hot favourite and understandably why, the crispy sesame crackers were an instant hit with the fragrant minced meat dip. I just couldn't keep my hands off this! Imported from Vietnam and freshly fried on order, these might just be one of the most addictive crackers you have ever laid your eyes, and hands, on.

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Crispy Fried Chicken Mid-Wings - $4.90
Cripsy chicken wings that were juicy and flavourful. Nothing to shout about but just simple and satisfying wings

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Pho Beef Combination -$9.90
The soup was rich in the taste of beef but it was honestly, a little too beefy for me. I'd have preferred the soup to be lighter but well, this is very much subjective. Boiled for hours with marrow-rich beef bones, the hearty bowl of soup comes with a generous serving of noodles, beef slices, balls, tendon, shank and tripe that will definitely tickle the tastebuds of beef-lovers

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Roasted Pork Chop with Fragrant Rice - $7.90
The rice carried a fragrance of spring onion oil and the pork chop was unique. This is something that I wouldn't mind eating on a regular basis

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Banh Mi Combination - $6.90
One of the bestsellers at Pho Street, banh mi makes a good breakfast takeaway or a no-frills lunch option. Think an even mix of vegetables, pork belly, grilled beef, chicken ham and mayonnaise, in crusty fresh bread.

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Cream of Mung Bean with Coconut Sauce - $3.50
A very unique dessert that is to be enjoyed like a beverage. With bits of water chestnut and peanuts inside, I didn't like it at all when I first tried it. It tasted really odd to me but after a few mouthfuls, it actually grew on me. Not a dessert I'll order again but if you're adventurous enough or fancy this interesting mix of flavours, do give it a shot!

Two things that I like about Pho Street is its accessibility and affordability. Being in Westgate means that its near to public transport lines and the prices are seriously very wallet-friendly. Oh yes, I also really really like those crackers.

* This was a media tasting

Pho Street @ Westgate
3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532


Love, K

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