Sunday, November 15, 2015

(CLOSED) 20F Specialty Coffeehouse @ Foch Road

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This is possibly the most ordered dish and the star at 20F. I had my reservations about this dish because I've seen some not so good reviews online. However, I still wanted to try it so badly. I mean, its duck confit and waffles! Two of my favourite things! How could I give that a miss?

The Duck & Waffle ($22) is available daily from 11am-5pm and it exceeded expectations. The waffles had a light crisp, are a little cakey and went really well with the sweet sauce. I felt that the duck leg could have been a tad more tender but the entire combination was a rocking one. The unique addition of a scoop of mixed berries sorbet gave a stark contrast in temperature and a bright tangy touch to the whole symphony. I really enjoyed it. The clever sprinkling of chopped pistachios elevated the visual appeal and I adored the nutty hints.

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Iced Latte - $6
Made with a La Marzocco and beans from Liberty, the iced latte was, unfortunately, a little watered down. Would have loved for the taste of coffee to be richer and texture to be creamier. To date, I've had really good coffee made from Liberty beans at only one cafe in Singapore.

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Orange Cinnamon French Toast - $15
The orange flavour was pretty intense. I'm not crazy about orange-flavoured dishes but this was actually really quite good. The bread was soft and pillowy with a nice sear. The maple mascarpone scored well with me as it's extra creamy, and a little thick. I reckon the mascarpone will not be that huge a hit with most people though. The crispy bacon was just the icing on the cake. Did not change much about the dish for me. The toast was undeniably the highlight

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Lemon Tart with Earl Grey and Figs Icecream
If I'm not wrong, they got their icecream from Bing Bing. The earl grey icecream was good but the presence of figs kinda destroyed it for me. The tart base of the lemon curd was too thick, and it was soft and crumbly. Didn't quite enjoy the dessert but I like that you can add a scoop of icecream of your choice to the cakes and tarts.

We sat near the counter where it was darker with orangy lights but we discovered that there's a backyard area with natural light and still air-conditioned, on the way to the washrooms. There's also a second level that we didn't check out. I was pretty impressed with the mains that we had and I'll be back to try the Pulled Pork Eggs Ben and Ribeye Burger!

20 Foch Road
Singapore 209261


Love, K

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