Wednesday, November 11, 2015

(CLOSED) Karafuru Desserts @ Jalan Klapa

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I visited Karafuru Desserts in August but haven't gotten down to writing a post about it. We went there with high hopes, after seeing so many pictures of the pretty eclairs and the bright and white space.

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We tried four different eclairs, each priced at $6. A little hefty if you ask me but anything Japanese seems to always warrant a higher price tag. To be very honest, I was pretty disappointed. While I had a difficult time choosing from a huge array of colourful sweet treats, I was not the least bit impressed with the soft and airy eclair. It was bordering more on the "lao hong" texture to me. We finished none of the eclairs.

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Yogurt Parfait Hanami - $15
Gorgeous with different hues and textures beautifully put together, I was really looking forward to trying this. I liked the smooth vanilla pudding, the cereal crunch and the dango. The rest, not so much. But I'm not exactly a yogurt person to begin with so you should give this a shot and decide for yourself! At the very least, it's a very photogenic piece.

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Not somewhere that I'll return to for sure. I don't mind paying for yummy things but nothing really tickled my fancy here.

8 Jalan Klapa
Singapore 199320
Tuesday - Sunday : 1pm - 10pm


Love, K

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