Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Populus Coffee & Food Co. @ Neil Road

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By the folks behind Department of Caffeine and 2Degrees North Coffee Co, one can expect a certain level of standard over here at The Populus. I can promise you that this place will be packed in no time. I popped by on a Thursday afternoon at 1 and the entire space was almost at full occupancy. Still in their soft launch phase, but already dishing out delicious fare, Populus is here to impress and here to stay.

The Spring Pancake & Fried Chicken ($21) is a must-order, in my opinion. I love that soft and lightly crisp texture of the pancake, studded with hints of sweetness from the presence of corn. What's even more noteworthy was the fried chicken which was perfectly crisp and wonderfully tender and juicy inside. A flawless combination together with the homemade ranch dressing that will capture your heart. One thing though, the pancake hardens if it's left out for too long so do take note!

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Latte - $5.50
I hardly ever order a hot latte but I really wanted to include coffee art in my flatlay shot. Unfortunately, the food took too long to arrive and I almost finished my coffee by then. The coffee was pretty decent. Creamy and smooth.

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The Populus Scramble - $17
We requested for the eggs to be on the side because we didn't want the toasted croissant to lose its crisp. While the scrambled eggs were creamy, I felt that it was slightly underwhelming. It could have been tastier and the texture was somewhat uneven, with some parts more cooked than others.

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Chocolate Sundae - $13
I adored the myriad of textures present in this carefully crafted sundae. The hazelnut crumb, honeycomb, butter sponge cake, and chocolate crumb added a much needed crunch to the rich chocolate soft serve and tangy passionfruit curd. A good mix all in all spruced up by the addition of flowers. A tad pricey in my opinion but a worthy splurge.

I'm already excited about a return visit to Populus! Can't wait to try the Pork Belly Sandwich, Pistachio French Toast and Beef Ragu Pappardelle!

146 Neil Road
Singapore 088875
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday : 9am - 7pm
Thursday - Friday : 9am -1030pm
Saturday - Sunday : 930am -1030pm


Love, K

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