Monday, November 30, 2015

Magnifique Sunday Champagne Brunch @ Kwee Zeen (Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa)

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The Magnifique Sunday Champagne Brunch at Sofitel Sentosa is truly a spectacular affair. The spread is amazingly wide and incredibly impressive. Think a glorious array of fresh seafood, 32 types of cheeses, freshly baked pastries, truffles from Chocolaterie and live stations dishing out foie gras, grilled meats, crepe Suzette and more!

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The selection of bread is baked in-house daily and gluten-free bread is available

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32 types of cheeses for the cheese fanatics. The cheeses are rotated every now and then from Kwee Zeen's extensive list of more than 45 cheeses

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The coffee salmon was surprisingly, really yummy!

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My favourite live station is, no doubt, the foie gras station. I had four servings of the beautifully crisp delicacy that came with edible flowers and apple compote

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Oh these chocolates had me at hello. Chef Eddy took the time to tell us more about the chocolates and he gave recommendations according to our preferences. Chef placed so many of these little sweet treats on my plate and I polished them all! Chef Eddy is really passionate and creative and he comes up with special flavours for every occasion. Popular flavours include durian, earl grey, rocher, lychee rose, champagne, lavender and more. I love the dark chocolate truffles!

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Chocolate bars like this will never get my attention at a buffet. But because its a bear, and its sticking out of an Eiffel, I had to grab one. And I actually really enjoyed it!

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Just look at that roe! And the lobsters and crabs are huge!

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I was so stuffed by the end of brunch. And I didn't even manage to try half of the spread! The food was, in all honesty, splendid. Other highlights for me include the Seafood Bisque and Roast Beef! Even the prata was buttery and nice! And everything was made nicer with a few glasses of Tattinger Champagne.

Diners have access to the gorgeous pool and they're entitled to a 20% discount on all drinks ordered by the pool till 7pm. There's also a play area for children

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Chef Eddy saw that Charleen and I love the chocolates so much that he gave us each a box of his Christmas specials that are not launched yet! Thank you so much Chef!

Kwee Zeen is beautiful and spacious with a nice view of the sea. It is perfect for families, gatherings, events and most importantly, your afternoon here will be nothing short of exceptional. This Sunday brunch buffet will be hard to top!

Magnifique Sunday Champagne Brunch
Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa
2 Bukit Manis Sentosa
Singapore 099891

Sunday : 1230pm - 330pm
Adults: $138++ - $168++(free-flow of Tattinger Champagne and wine)


Love, K 

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