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burger joint (Amoy Street) - Possibly the Best Burger in Singapore

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All the way from New York and set to rock our shores, Burger Joint brings to the table obscenely affordable burgers. Coming to you on 3rd May, the team behind the burger sensation is all set to bring you the best burgers in town. They're using the same pickles, same cheese, same beef and basically, you're getting the exact same burger as what you will get in New York.

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"Hey, where can I get good burgers?", is possibly one of the most common questions I'm asked. And I've never actually had a solid answer for that. I always go like "hmm, maybe you can try ..." or "I heard this place is not bad" but it was never a clear cut answer. However, things have changed and I am proud and more than pleased to tell you that Singapore finally has an amazing burger place that I can call my favourite.

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Burger Joint is not just dishing out delectable burgers but they're also serving up cocktails created from their large selection of bourbon. They have teamed up with the guys at 28 Hong Kong to bring you an extensive beverage list. Also on tap are 18 different types of beer so there really is something for everyone here. A burger and a beer just sounds really good, doesn't it?

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They also have a private VIB room for a party of up to eight.

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I really have to applaud the astounding amount of effort that has been put into the conception of Burger Joint Singapore. They are even using the exact same charbroiler as the one used in Burger Joint New York.

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Fresh beef is chilled and imported from Nebreska before it is cut, washed, and made into succulent patties right here in their kitchen. Completely fresh, not at all frozen, and beyond delicious.

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Beer and The Manhatten to go along with our burgers

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The "Secret Drink" will be revealed on Tuesday! It's a delightful mix of stout, lemon and other secret ingredients that we weren't let in on. It's a little fizzy, a little sour and a little bitter.

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Cheeseburger - $13.80
I got a cheeseburger with The Works (pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, onions) for a prettier picture and later removed all the vegetables because I'm a carnivore like that. Just one bite into the burger and I was like "omg, this is so good!!!" The medium-rare patty was just stunning. It was juicy, tender, firm and absolutely delicious. It is insane that the patty was grilled with no seasoning at all. No salt, no pepper, nothing. All honest natural goodness. I couldn't stop raving about how fantastic the patty was. I finished my burger in record time and I held on to the last bite for the longest time because I didn't want good things to come to an end, you know. The fries ($5.50) were also quite the shocker. They were ridiculously delicious and if you are wondering how good fries can get, be sure to lay your hands on at least a bag, or more, of those golden strips.

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Double Cheeseburger - $24.80
Most regular burgers out there at burger specialty shops will set you back a good $25 for a single-patty burger. And this burger with two scrumptious slabs of patties and a glorious coat of gold goes for just $24.80. It's an insane steal! Those rustic buns are unlike the usual smooth buns with a light shine and they're made locally according to the recipe given by Burger Joint Brazil. Same bread, same mayonnaise, same everything!

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Baileys Boozy Milkshake 
The milkshake is a decadent concoction of Haagen Dazs icecream and Baileys and it truly is an addictive and heady thirst-quencher. Albeit filling, the milkshake grows on you and you won't be able to keep your hands off it.

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Do it the American way. Dip those fries into the milkshake and enjoy the sweet and savory combination.

I can't stop thinking about the double cheeseburger and have already planned a return trip two weeks from now! Can't wait to try the famous brownies too. Long snaking queues are expected so be prepared to brave the weather for those to-die-for burgers! Also, you're welcome to doodle on their walls! I wrote "Forget #BFF, Time for #BMF. Burger, Milkshake, Fries" Quite creative right hahaha

See you again soon, Burger Joint!

115 Amoy Street ( enter via Gemmill Lane)
Sunday - Tuesday : 11am - 11pm
Wednesday - Saturday : 11am - 12am


Love, K

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