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(CLOSED)Masterclass & New Menu @ Salt Tapas & Bar (Raffles City)

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I don't usually go back to the same dining establishment unless its for coffee or for a particular dessert that I really like (even then, it's really rare) but this is my fifth time at Salt Tapas & Bar. I'm always excited to be back here because I know I'll still be impressed, like I have been my past four visits.

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The refreshed ala carte menu shines the spotlight on new seafood dishes that showcase the natural flavours of the freshest catches from the sea. Employing delicate cooking methods and unique accompaniments, the food here has always been about great taste and top quality. It definitely is the same for the new seafood items.

The morning started with a Masterclass conducted by Chef Ronald who showed us how to prepare the Grilled Day Fish where white wine clams and verjuice sauce are added to enhance the sweetness of the fish

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Grilled Day Fish - $45 - $55
I really enjoyed the light acidity and slight tanginess that had been nicely infused into the very soft and sweet fish. And those clams were so yummy too.

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Day Sashimi - $16 - $19
Depending on what's the freshest for the day, diners can look forward to rock fish, red snapper, or yellowtail snapper imported from Japan. The sashimi is enlivened with sesame oil, shoyu and olive oil before it is topped with blanched ginger and shallots. This dish took me by surprise. It excites your palate and it is such an incredibly refreshing starter that I strongly urge all of you to try it. It's profoundly delicious.

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Taco of Tempura Soft Shell Crab - $14
Having tried the Fish Tacos the last time I was here, I knew just how good the soft shell crab tacos were gonna be. As good, if not better. I'm a fan of soft shell crab so this appealed to me more. The bright pineapple salsa and mild house-made wasabi mayo paired up well with the crab and those little balls of ikura added bursts of flavour to the already tasty taco.

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Pork Belly Sliders
I can't get over how good these burgers are. Tender pork belly and absolutely delectable pulled pork sandwiched between toasted house-made buns? Send ten my way please.

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Paella to share - $42
I've had the paella here a couple of times and I still get pre-paella jitters because I get way too excited about it. Paella is definitely one of my favourite food and it's really difficult to find great ones in Singapore but this is good stuff, I assure you. Paella rice is added to sauteed onions, bacon and chorizo while prawns, mussels, clams, squid and chicken are cooked separately before they are all put together. Parma ham and a generous dollop of saffron rouille grace the top of the beautiful ensemble. That saffron rouille just makes the dish that much better. Aromatic, palatable, and a must-try.

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Grilled Big Head Prawn - $27
The huge prawns are a visual treat. While they were very fresh, sweet, and crunchy and come with a papaya salad that earned praises around the table, I felt that the price tag is rather steep and it's not a dish that I'll order personally.

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Salt Tapas' Butcher Block - $68
Grilled Sirloin (150g), Pork Ribs, Spicy Cajun Spatchcock, Sauteed Vegetables, Mash, House Pickle

If you don't already know, I love the ribs here. They are hands-down the best ribs I've had in Singapore thus far. Amazingly fork-tender, intensely flavoured and simply a joy to tuck into.

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French Spatchcock marinated with cajun spice for a day is seared on both sides and grilled for seven minutes in the oven before it is dolled up with a Chimichurri sauce and burnt corn salsa. I didn't think the spatchcock was particularly outstanding. Probably decent at best.

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The sirloin is grilled with just salt and pepper and accompanied with a Madeira dressing on the side. The doneness by default, and recommended, is medium. I'm used to having my steak medium rare so I didn't enjoy the steak as much as it's a tad tougher than what I'd have liked.

While I found the Butcher's Block a little disappointing, everything else was pretty much still on point. Won't be my last visit here for sure!

To find out more about their weekend brunch, click here

#01-22A, Raffles City Shopping Centre
No 252, North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103
Monday - Saturday : 1130am - 1130pm
Sunday, PH : 1130am - 10pm


Love, K 

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