Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lin林 Rooftop Bar @ Link Hotel (Tiong Bahru)

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Lin林 Rooftop Bar was quite a pleasant find. Channeling tons of Asian influence into their unique cocktails and food, patrons can expect to find Western offerings with playful touches of home in a laidback setting.

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Blur Sotong - $10.80
These homemade sotong balls were hand-chopped and prepared meticulously, resulting in a delightfully springy texture complemented by a molten core of cheese. Definitely a great choice to start the night.

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Terracotta Cooler - $18
A mixture of lime juice, peach liqueur, lime cordial and rum turned out to be a refreshing concoction as I envisioned it to be. It's a real pity that the presence of alcohol was almost completely undetectable.

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Princess Lotus - $18
A grapefruit-centric drink that ends up more bitter than anything else.

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Wu Xiang Pop - $9.80
Lin's rendition of popcorn chicken sees juicy house made chicken chunks in a thin coat of batter, doused with five-spiced powder. A unique take that was quite enjoyable.

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Yin Yang - $11.80
This was my favourite item of the night. Atop the iconic "kong pak pau" bun sits a slab of homemade fish otah which plays cushion to a combination of sauteed prawns and coconut cream. I enjoyed the myriad of flavours and liked that it was quite a flawless marriage of the East and West.

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Oxtail Stew- $18.80
Carefully braised for hours, the tender oxtail comes in a flavourful broth which earned praises from my dining companions. Quite a hearty dinner option.

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Chorizo Prawn Aglio Olio - $15.80
This was quite a disappointment. After being told that this was a must-try, we had high hopes for it. Little did we know that we were gonna get bland al dente pasta with a side of chorizo that didn't do much for the dish. The freshness of the prawns also leaves much to be desired.

I felt that the starters outdid the mains and while there are some interesting flavours going on, the food and drinks here could use more work.

If you're looking for a nice chill place for drinks, you can give Lin a shot as they have some pretty solid promotions for their Macallan and Hennessy bottles and more.

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Link Hotel
50 Tiong Bahru Road
Singapore 168733
Monday - Saturday : 5pm - 1am


Love, K 

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