Sunday, April 10, 2016

Eyelash Extensions @ Vain Beauty (Far East Plaza)

 photo IMG_7550.jpg
(Photo taken 9 days after the extensions were done)

I feel compelled to put on eyeliner whenever I go out because without those magical black lines, my eyes look incredibly tired and my face looks exceptionally dull. I'm very lazy by nature and I hardly put on make up but when I have to dress up, eyeliner is always the first thing that goes on my face. So I was really thrilled when Vain Beauty got in touch regarding eyelash extensions! I was so excited about not having to put on any eye make up for a month!

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You can't miss Vain Beauty. They command a prominent location near the escalator on level three. They specialize in lash extensions, hair extensions and manicure.

 photo vain beauty 2.jpg
I was there on a Monday evening and the place was packed. Both units were full when I just arrived.

 photo vain beauty 3.jpg
I was ushered to the smaller unit next door that I presume is meant mainly for lash extensions since there were four beds and everyone was there for lash extensions. This is my first experience with lash extensions and Bao Shuang, the owner, recommended something between natural and dramatic for me. I got the cluster lashes instead of the single strand ones as they are apparently longer lasting.

The procedure was completely painless, and I fell asleep haha. If you must know, I have a super low pain tolerance. Like everytime I thread my brows, I feel like crying. So if I say that this is absolutely painless, you can definitely trust me on that.

The only point in time when it actually hurt was when I tried to open my eyes because there's glue and all there was was a sharp prick of pain but it went away very soon after.

 photo IMG_6939.jpg
My lashes are basically non-existent prior to the extensions.

 photo IMG_7251.jpg
My lashes' code is 151, if you're interested to get the same one. It costs $68 and lasts for about a month.

 photo IMG_7262.jpg
Photo taken 6 days after extensions

 photo IMG_7287.jpg

 photo IMG_7289.jpg
NO EYE MAKE UP YAY. Make-up only takes like eight minutes now because I only need to get my brows drawn, cheeks blushed and lips coloured. Simple. I usually take 15 minutes to draw my eyeliner because I'm lousy like that. So glad that I no longer look like a dead fish without eyeliner!

 photo IMG_7292.jpg
Initially, I thought it was quite weird because the gap between my brows and eyelids seem too far apart without eyeliner on but I'm now so used to it.

Vain Beauty offers a wide range of lashes so I'm sure you can find something that you like or suits you. Most people go for the barbie and dramatic lashes but I prefer a more natural looking set of lashes.

Do follow @vainbeautysg on instagram and if you're keen to get your lashes done too, do quote my name "KIMBERLEY" for a $8 discount, or a 10% off all other services.

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza
#03-113 or #03-140
Singapore 228213


Love, K

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