Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Inoichi (Kyoto) - Dashi-broth Ramen and Excellent Rice Bowls

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Inoichi 猪一 is a popular Bib Gourmand Ramen Restaurant in Kyoto. Don't be surprised if you see tourists in queue with their luggage. Apart from their famous ramen prepared with simmered fish broth, which has been touted as the best ramen in Kyoto, their rice bowls warrant a try too.

We kinda lost our way and arrived at 212pm only to be disappointed as the queue has already been cut. A quick chat with the server revealed that they were closed for the day. There was nothing we could do but to walk away and return later for dinner. I guess rules are rules. We exercised extra caution to get there early for dinner. 

photo Inoichi Ramen Kyoto.jpg
We arrived at the restaurant around 830pm. We were handed the menus in the queue and our orders were taken long before it was our turn to enter the cozy restaurant. While trying to place our orders, we were told that there is a minimum order of one bowl of ramen per guest. The ramen comes in two versions, with either white soy sauce or dark soy sauce. We ordered one of each for the two of us. The ramen was especially comforting and heartwarming in the cold weather!

photo Inoichi Ramen Kyoto 2.jpg
We also got a small bowl of Char Siu Don to share. Don't belittle this adorable simple-looking bowl of rice and pork. Just one bite of the char siu will blow you away. It is fatty, tender and juicy. It melts in your mouth and I was full of praise for it. I dived into the rice next and it was phenomenal with shreds of seaweed and just a little sauce that's been mixed into the rice. What a sensational rice bowl! We didn't manage to add an egg to our rice bowl but you most definiely should!

I was more impressed by the rice bowl than the ramen. This might be due to the fact that I prefer tonkotsu-base ramen. Service was actually pretty good except for the part that they forgot our rice bowl until the end of the meal and I had to remind them about it.

Remember to go early!


Love, K 

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