Monday, April 24, 2017

La Madrague - Gigantic Egg Sandwiches on a Quiet Street in Kyoto

photo La Madrague Kyoto. 2.jpg
The star here is, no prizes for guessing it right, the ginormous egg sandwiches. Each order comes with four fist-sized egg-bread packages. The omelette is not exactly fluffy, I found it to be on the denser side, but the portion is irrefutably generous. Slathered with a thin layer of tomato sauce, the egg sandwich wasn't mind-blowing but it's, no doubt, satisfying. I really liked the steamed white bread though!

photo La Madrague Kyoto.jpg
There was a line when we got here and we put down our name on the waiting list as we sat outside. We didn't have to wait long, thankfully.

photo La Madrague Kyoto. 1.jpg
We realised that this place is popular with more locals than tourists, judging from the patrons and the lack of menus in other languages apart from Japanese.

photo La Madrague Kyoto. 3.jpg
We weren't prepared for such huge portions, and also ordered a pasta to share. The mountain of pasta scared me the moment it arrived. I knew there was no way we were gonna be able to finish it. It's a simple combination of egg and pasta in a tomato sauce but it's the very kind of comfort food that I will crave on a random day.


Love, K

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