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Birds of a Feather - New Weekend Brunch with a Taste of Sichuan

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Just six months old, Birds of a Feather has really made a name for itself with its repertoire of contemporary Western dishes that are inspired by traditional Sichuan cuisine. The restaurant is gorgeous. It has natural light streaming through the glass roof in the day, and it rocks a romantic ambience when night falls. And now, they have launched a new all-day weekend brunch that runs from 10am to 5pm. The Hong Shao Beef Ragout Orecchiette ($26) is an absolute must-try!

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Big Bird 1st ($25) is an interesting take on the brunch classic, Eggs Benedict.  Atop a toasted English muffin lies two beautfiully poached eggs and a mala hollandaise made that incorporated spicy dou ban jiang, sichuan pepper powder and sichuan pepper oil. Just lightly spicy, the smooth and creamy sauce went really went with the sausage and poached egg.

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A delish mix of spicy chorizo, bacon, Camembert, Cheddar, roasted baby potato, eggs and pickled red chilli tomato sauce lay in a scorching hot metal skillet. The Big Bird 1st ($23) is not just photogenic, but really yummy too! It's comforting, satisfying and just enough to prep you for a nice day ahead.

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Apart from the brunch options, diners can also look forward to other new additions to the menu such as Kawa Ebi Swim in the Chillies ($17), an addictive dish featuring crispy deep-fried river shrimp in La Zhi Ji, refreshing Baby Octopus Classic ($18) in a Sichuan white garlic sauce and Pig Ear Mosaic($18), a combination of braised pig ear and arrowroot noodle served cold with a Sichuan red and sour dressing. The Pig Ear Mosaic was the most well-loved small plate dish!

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It was by no means easy to decide which my favourite dish of the day was, as I did enjoy all of them. However, I guess the Xiang Su Duck($30), which is only available during dinnertime, really left an impression. You get a brilliantly braised duck breast marinated in a braising liquid made from aged orange peel, old ginger, garlic, leek, cinnamon, star anise and bay leaf and a crisp, and tender duck leg confit with roasted potato puree. The duck was really cooked to perfection. The dish is served with a soothing cup of white ginger & pear tea and I can assure you that you will love the tea! A pot of it goes for $7.

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The Spicy Oriental Bolognaise ($22) is a mouth-numbing toss-up of angel hair pasta, pork ragout, onsen tamago, wilted kilt and sakura ebi. The first time I had it, I literally couldn't feel my entire mouth. After two bites, I realised that it was way too spicy for me. This time round, I tried the non-spicy version ($20) which made me fall in love at first bite. The flavours were wonderful and came together flawlessly. You must not miss this signature dish!

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The Salmon 2 Ways($23) came smoking. A glass dish sits comfortably over a bed of rocks submerged in dry ice and water, emitting puffs of cold air. I really loved the whole botanical set-up.
Salmon Tartare, with ikura and hints of fresh Sichuan pepper, is made even more palatable with the addition of apple granité. Chef Eugene has selected Japanese sweet purple potato, lychee and roasted bell pepper coulis to go along with cured salmon confit, and I have to say that he did a great job!

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It's time for dessert! The newly launched MonoTone($15) which comprises black sesame coulis, coral sponge, white sesame parfait, oil powder, sesame sablé and light coconut mousse was a delicate creation that allowed every ingredient to shine. The flavours are all strong by nature but have been toned down to complement each other. It's quite a feat!

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Coffee brownies, salted coffee soil, Tahitian vanilla Chantilly, house-made candy cloud and an espresso shot make up the GWC (GoodWoodCoffee) Coffee Dessert($15). Coffee lovers will definitely take a special liking to this. It might be coffee overload for some, but I loved it! The vanilla chantilly was a really nice touch!

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Savoury Glutinous Rice Cake ($12) for dessert? That's a first. Fried glutinous rice cake, spicy soy seasoning, pistachio sand, red sugar caramel and pomegranate together does sound strange but the unorthodox ensemble actually works! I've always had a thing for chewy rice cake so this was a winner for me.

I've been to Birds of a Feather three times, and I can foresee myself returning again, and again. Not only is the food great, the service is commendable too.

115 Amoy Street
Singapore 069935
Monday - Wednesday: 10am -11pm
Thursday - Saturday: 10am –12am
Sunday: 10am - 10pm


Love, K

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