Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Luke's Lobster(Omotesando) - Best Lobster Roll?

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People rave about Luke's Lobster all the time and I was all ready to give it a try. All the way from New York, the snug little booth in the popular Omotesando area is familiar to snaking long queues and throngs of tourists. The queue was super long, unfortunately, when I got there and we queued for close to an hour for these babies. We decided to get a trio of sandwiches so we had a variety of seafood to savour. Shrimp, crab and lobster!

photo Lukes Lobster Omotesando.jpg

photo Lukes Lobster Omotesando 1.jpg
We jumped right into the signature Lobster Roll which was very satisfying with plump and juicy chunks of sustainable lobster meat. The roll was lightly toasted and I loved that slight crusty texture. The Crab Roll was not bad too but I will really suggest skipping the shrimp one which was quite bland. While I really enjoyed the Lobster Roll, and it's really value for money, I didn't quite think that it was worth an hour of my time. Or maybe if we had gotten two lobster rolls instead of three different rolls, I would have felt that it was more worth it. All in all, I didn't think that it was to die for or a must eat in Tokyo. However, if I was passing by and the queue is short enough, I wouldn't mind grabbing a lobster roll to chomp on as I stroll along the pretty streets of Omotesando!

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