Monday, April 17, 2017

Stickies Bar - Where the Price of Your Drink Depends on the Time

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Stickies Bar is truly the place where the early bird catches the good worm. The bar opens at 12pm, and the price of drinks is priced by the hour. If you order at 230pm, each drink will only cost you $2. Think Pure Blonde for $2? A glass of wine for $2? Holy moly, is this for real?

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I came in around 4pm on a Wednesday, and the place was packed. Just look at this table. They probably came at 3 plus and mass ordered. Pretty insane isn't it? They have a range of drinks that you can choose from. Beer, housepours, wines and even moscato!

 photo Stickies 4.jpg

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Besides serving cheap drinks, Stickies has also made sure that no guest will be bored here. Board games, darts, pool, playstation, take your pick. There's even a guitar!

I don't drink beer so I got a whiskey coke which tasted more like just coke. However, the moscato was good stuff for just $4 a glass. Will definitely be back, Stickies!

11 Keng Cheow Street
Singapore 059608
Daily : 12pm - 12am


Love, K

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