Monday, April 3, 2017

Hooked@Edge - My Favourite Buffet in Singapore has Even More Seafood Now!

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When asked where's my favourite buffet place in Singapore, my answer is always "Edge at Pan Pacific Singapore". The spread is always incredibly extensive, especially luxurious and of only the best quality. My favourite sections are the dessert corner, seafood on ice section and live grill station, but I also love the pasta, bread and sashimi sections! The buffet line-up has recently been revitalised with new creations and diners can look forward to Oatmeal Crayfish, Nyonya King Prawn Laksa, Wok-fried King Lala Beehoon, Cuttlefish Tagliolini Pasta, Prawn Panggang with Sea Salt, Steamed Mussels Pot and more.

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I am blown away every time I come to Edge. The vast buffet spread never fails to impress me and I can't even get through half of it each time, because I'm too stuffed. THERE'S JUST SO MUCH GOOD FOOD. How do I pick and choose, I just want to eat everything! Oh, and that Knife Shaved Marinated Seafood Raw Bar certainly warrants a visit. Maybe two.

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Seafood on ice : Boston Lobster, Alaskan King Crab, Flower Crab, freshly-shucked Oysters and more, more, more. Fresh, pristine, perfect.

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Live grill station! The sausages, with a dash of mustard, are an absolute must for me. Even the sausages are so yummy, you know? Are those Hokkaido scallops calling out to you? Maybe it's time to make a reservation.

Do order the Garlic Prawns and Thai Style Marinated Squid too.

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Forget the usual chicken or beef satays, prawns satays are a thing now.

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They even have sweet potato fries omg.

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Whole Tom Yam Salmon that you have to try too! See what I mean? How to try everything??? The seven open kitchens boast a crazy and intense selection that will wow both your eyes and palate!

What is diet. What is weight. This is a foodie's heaven and I suggest that you eat, and drink, to your heart's content.

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The dessert spread is stunning, as usual. The house-made cakes left an impression and you should definitely give their waffles a go too. Also, the Thai Milk Tea icecream, and Yuzu icecream are refreshingly good. Don't leave without popping a few of those soft rum-filled chocolates.

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I didn't get enough pictures because I was too excited to start eating. And I also ate too much bread and mushroom soup that I didn't get to try all the exciting new additions. I need to realign my priorities.

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Is this what love at first sight feels like.

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All-time favourites and mainstays like Singapore Chilli Crab with Golden Mantou, Salted Egg Yolk Crab, Edge Curry Fish Head, Curried Crispy Baby Squid, Poseidon Pot Pie, Signature Nandu Crab Biryani and Drunken Prawns with Chinese Wine are absolute must-tries too.

Still the best buffet in Singapore to me, and I have a good feeling that it always will be.

Every Wednesday and Thursday
Time: 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Price: $88/per adult (inclusive of unlimited local beverages, coffee and tea)
$44/per child(inclusive of unlimited local beverages)

Top up $10 for unlimited glasses of red and white wine.

Pan Pacific Singapore
7 Raffles Boulevard, Level 3
Singapore 039595


Love, K

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