Monday, November 2, 2020

Beyond Coffee - Forget BBT, Get These Unique Beverages in VivoCity!


Beyond Coffee is set up by a team of Singaporeans who wanted to bring something new and fresh to the beverage scene. Located in VivoCity, Beyond Coffee might not be the easiest place to locate but the walk here might just prove worth it if you're up for some refreshing beverages.

They have quite a wide range of drinks — fruity, coffee-based, tea-based and more. Their bestselling and most popular drinks are Something About Mary, Iced Lava Latte, Melaka Rhapsody, Fruity Paradise and Momotaro. 

The Fruity Paradise is a refreshing blend of fresh fruits shaken with light Taiwanese oolong tea. I really enjoyed this!
I can see why Something About Mary, which comprises locally-roasted coffee, passionfruit, apple juice, lemon slices and torched rosemary sprigs, is a popular choice. The proportion of coffee and fruit juices was just right and the touch of rosemary made the drink really fragrant. 

My favourite drink of all has to be Crack Me Up — a creamy smoothie with salted egg yolk biscuits, Beyond Coffee's signature cream and black sugar popping boba. It's not too sweet, and the savoury hints were quite addictive. It's very filling though! So get this to share if you're looking for a post-dinner drink. 
If you're in VivoCity, why not pop by Beyond Coffee instead of going for the usual BBT?
1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-135/136
Singapore 098585
Daily : 11am - 10pm

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