Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bonheur Patisserie


Bonheur patisserie is a relatively new patisserie that popped up in the desserts paradise which is the Duxton, Tanjong Pagar and Ann Siang area. It officially opened in december 2010 to join a list of patisserie like, Flor patisserie, K-ki , Patisserie Glace and others all within a 5 mins drive from each other. I have been wanting to try it ever since i did my usual food research online and was pretty fascinated by some photos of the cakes that i saw. I guess good photography really help to whet the appetite.

white walls interior

chalkboard menu

The first time we went there was on a sunday and it was closed! Thankfully there was Flor Patisserie nearby and their cakes more than made up for this disappointment! Determined to try bonheur's cakes, we went back once more on a saturday. The Sun and I were there around 8ish on a saturday and as they are closed for business on sundays , there weren't many cakes left to choose from. We ordered the banana pound cake, The Chocolate Cake and the caramel opera.

Layers of Jaconde soaked with strong coffee, equatorial ganache and caramel cream

Caramel opera

The flavours of the cake on the first bite was a tad too strong then it became sweeter then the aftertaste of the caramel came which gave it a good finish. The taste of the cake grew onto me. Unfortunately, the cake was frozen as the staff just took it out from the chiller, hence, it was hard and i couldn't really enjoy the texture of my cake. I believe eating it in its optimal condition would have done the cake more justice.

banana pound cake! it was good. One of the best banana cakes i've eaten so far. enough said.


The chocolate cake

Layers of almond success , valrhona chocolate mousse and crunchy praline

The Sun is pretty particular when it comes to the food she puts in her mouth. Hahaha, so most of the time she will be the one having the good ol' chocolate cake. I like the chocolate mousse. But thats about it. Bonheur's chocolate cake for me is rather ordinary.

I would definitely wanna go back and try more of their cakes. Their dome tiramisu , strawberry balsamic, chocolate earl grey etc etc. Just thinking bout how those cakes will taste is giving me the urge to go there right this very moment. Speaking of which, i haven't had a proper nice cake as dessert in a pretty long time.

(The Sun: The Star forgot to mention that we were given a free slice of cake! I think there was a promotion going on. Buy 3 get 1 free! So we got another banana pound cake and gave it to our friend who liked it alot too. I don't know if the offer is still available but do enquire when you're there!)

70 Duxton road
mon- thurs: 10am - 8pm
fri- sat : 10am - 10pm

★ ★ rating of the cakes: 7/10

★ ★

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