Friday, September 23, 2011

Royal China

The Star and I have long heard of the famous Tiffany Blue interior of Royal China. In addition to their pretty interior, we have also heard of their awesome dimsum. Who doesn't love dimsum? Think Hargao, Custard Buns, Egg Tarts... Im salivating right now as I think about those gorgeous dimsum..

Royal China is located at Raffles Hotel and they don't entertain walk-ins. Do make a reservation! There was a couple who made a wasted trip as it was fully booked and they don't take walk-ins. So save yourself the disappointment!

With the location, design, and atmosphere, one will expect the prices to be pretty high. However, like Taste Paradise, the prices are similar to any other dimsum places. Decent and affordable.The difference is that over here, you're paying for quality food and quality atmosphere.


Tiffany blueeee! So pretty, I like

With such exclusivity, one does feel a teeny sense of royalty to dine here. Not crowded even though it's full house and with a peaceful atmosphere, one is set to enjoy your dimsum more so than at other places.

Ohyes, they actually left out my reservation I was pretty angry ): (they made me think that I made a reservation at a different restaurant. I can't be that silly to dial another number right.. I even checked my call history) Well at least they apologized and saw to it immediately and arranged a table for us as soon as they could
Mini egg Tarts

Hargao! Yum yum hargaos are the best

Custard buns! The custard buns at Royal China have mango in them! An unique twist to the simple yet delectable custard bun. It's one of their signature dishes but The Star and I both felt that Taste Paradise's ones are better

Oooooh look at that

Lonely Siew Mai.

I'm not a fan of siewmai(please dont judge me haha) but I thought that it was pretty good!

Fu Pi Juan!! I love fu pi juan! (beancurd skin roll with prawns)

Char Siew puffs.

The Star and I also felt that Taste Paradise's Char Siew Puffs are better. We are not saying that Royal China's aren't nice. They are nice too! Just a tad less impressive.

Char Siew chang fen! I've gotta say they have the best char siew chang fen I've tried thus far! The sauce was really tasty. The texture of the chang fen certainly deserves much praise! Not too chewy, not too thick and soooo smooth. It was perfect! Together with the sauce, this dish was flawless. Oh wait, there's a flaw! The serving was too small HAHA. Nahhh, we just couldn't get enough of it. We ordered this when it was the last order of the day. THANK GOD. Undeniably our favourite dish at Royal China! Definitely something you MUST try!

Royal China is a popular and famous Dim Sum place and it was quite a pleasant experience dining there except for the fact that they take really long to serve the dishes. We are usually fine with waiting, but not for too long. There's a long interval between every dish that we were served. It would have been a better experience had we not waited for so long.

All in all, it was an experience we did not regret. The total bill came up to about $50 for the both of us. We were full and happy after dimsum galore!

03-09 raffles hotel arcade, raffles hotel
1 Beach Rd

Contact: 6338 3363
Love, The Sun

Sun's rating of Royal China : 8/10

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