Friday, September 9, 2011

Ciel Patisserie

The Star and I went to Ciel Patisserie one afternoon after his lesson. We got into a cab at 430 to beat the peak hour traffic and the peak hour taxi surcharge haha. He hadn't heard of Ciel Patisserie before, like DUH. Hahahah (inserts smug face )

Ciel Patisserie is a pretty new dessert place which serves French based desserts. Ciel means heaven in French. The owner of Ciel Patisserie is a young and talented lady who has ventured bravely into opening her own store.


Ciel Patisserie is part of a food stall at the side of Midlink Plaza. To find Ciel, you'll have to find this signboard first


Valrhona tart with caramel

Oreo Cheesecake and is it London Cheesecake or something? Can't remember

There were two valrhona chocolate tarts on display. One with nutella and the other with caramel. I chose the caramel one. When I first tasted the chocolate, it was not bad! The tart was a bit too hard to be broken by the fork. So I had to use my hand. I quite like how the tart breaks and crumbles when I bite into it. It's harder than other tarts I've tasted but somehow the extra crunch was surprisingly delightful. However, the caramel made the tart too sweet and I couldn't finish the tart on my own.

The cheesecakes were pretty normal. For the prices that Ciel offer, I think that their desserts are definitely worth more than what you pay for them. At an extremely affordable price of $3.20, we did not hesitate to get three desserts for the both of us. We are not greedy, just being practical and supportive haha.

Do head on down to support Ciel!

Midlink Plaza (behind Iluma)
122 Middle Road

Opening hours : Monday - Friday
10 am - 6pm

Love, The Sun

Sun's rating of Ciel : 7/10

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